Check What Reputation Persona You are Having?

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It is not so easy to determine the right type of reputation persona, as it is the combination of various aspects such as contents, sentiments, the right balance of control, etc. be it your personal life or the professional one, a detailed analysis is required to have a great image in the market online.

Here we are mentioning the different persona related to online Reputation management, just check which persona or type of reputation do you have? Which situation is closest to your situation?

  • Sparse Presence: This is the stage of low search volume, no control. When your search results are not manual, but automatically generated. Listing sites, classified sites, and some government sites, usually collect the data by own on which we have no or less control. The information mentioned may mislead the users or may not be authoritative. so it may not be good. Incorrect and unflattering information about your company may hamper the image immediately. take control of reputation by preparing manual links else you may become vulnerable to damage.
  • Professional Presence: This is the stage of controllable yet low-to-medium search volume. people searching for you will see what you want them to show. It is a favorable situation and people can see your positive sides. Likewise, real estate developers, doctors, education centers may have the same types of searches through the videos, information you spread. It will not mislead the people as you have complete control.
  • Mixed presence: It is the combination of Sparse & professional sites. you have control on some of the sites and may refer to low to medium search volume. This happens if 2 companies have a similar name. For example, DM guru Offers Digital Marketing Courses whereas another company having name “GuruDM” deals in gas and led lights. To control the searches is important as the effect of one's reputation can hamper the others as well.
  • Negative Presence: This is the critical stage where you have little control and high search volume. if you have such a situation that means you are under attack. The attack can be triggered by Media, controversy, cyber attack. It requires proper planning, strategical conversation, and a more balanced response.

After assessing your Online reputation and Collecting the data, you can find out your true persona of Online Reputation. Consider the professional help to rule out on your own online image.

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