Digital Marketing Training Course In Delhi

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Digital Marketing Course in Delhi
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Digital Marketing Training at DM Guru
Digital Marketing Course at DM Guru
Digital Marketing Training at DM Guru
Digital Marketing Course at DM Guru
Digital Marketing Training Course at DM Guru
Digital Marketing Training at DM Guru
Digital Marketing Training at DM Guru
Digital Marketing Training Course at DM Guru
Digital Marketing Training Course at DM Guru
Digital Marketing Training at DM Guru
Digital Marketing Training Course at DM Guru

DM Guru's online digital marketing certification gives you a deep and sophisticated understanding of the eight essential sub-domains of digital marketing.

After you finish the digital marketing course, you will get a digital marketing certificate that says you have all the skills a competitive digital marketer needs to have. So, you can fill top positions at one of the best companies in the world with a salary package much higher than your current CTC.

Importance of Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a unique marketing strategy used on digital platforms and the Internet to reach the target audience. Compared to traditional marketing, search analytics give you an extra edge in Digital Marketing. Analytics gives businesses the tools they need to look at how well their business strategies are working and gives them the data they need to change their strategy to fit the market's needs and improve ROI.

With our Digital Marketing Training, you can rediscover your creative side and develop critical marketing strategies to promote a product or service related to any organisation in any business sector.

Inside Our best-in-class curriculum

It was designed with a focus on how it applies to real life

Focus on the essential tools for using digital marketing strategies on the job. DM Guru's digital marketing advisory board gathers the best practices and new teaching methods from our entire expert network to meet changing employer needs. Its work ensures that students are ready to face the challenges they will face in the field when they graduate.

Build campaigns that drive business and boost brands

This digital marketing course is made for students with a wide range of professional experience, including those who are just starting. Its curriculum delves into the most important channels and strategies that make campaigns work. Get hands-on experience with social media, search strategy, conversion optimisation, and Google Analytics.

Get a head start with self-paced test prep lessons

Following your registration, you will be assigned a brief "onboarding" task designed to familiarise you with the basics of digital marketing, including "objective-first marketing" and the sales funnel. Then, before each class meeting, you will complete a set of online lessons to refresh your knowledge of the material and maximise your participation in group activities.

Real-Life Portfolio Projects

You'll graduate with a polished capstone project that uses digital marketing techniques to find and solve a real-world growth challenge. Create an end-to-end, multichannel campaign and give a compelling presentation to share your insights.

Why do Digital Marketing Training with DM Guru?

We built our company by giving our participants high-quality training and the best support we could, and we'd love to show that we're 100% committed to the thousands of people we work with.

Explore the magic of the Search Engine space with our Digital Marketing Courses. This course will help you learn the basics of digital marketing, such as pay-per-click (PPC), search engine optimisation (SEO), social media, web analytics, content marketing, conversion optimisation, email marketing, and mobile marketing. This course will give you a leg up in the competitive world of digital marketing, one of the most rapidly expanding industries in the world.


What are the requirements of digital marketing training?

As such, there are no prerequisites for this Digital Marketing training. But to get a full-time job in this field, you must be a graduate (in any stream). The Digital Marketing training isn't wholly technical, so you don't need to know anything about programming.

What are the requirements to get Certified Status?

The training programme has a system for judging your subjective knowledge and how well you apply it in real life. You will get the certificate when you finish your training programme.

Will I get a digital marketing course completion certificate from DM Guru?

Yes, if you finish the course and do well, you will get a course completion certificate from DM Guru.

Digital Marketing Training Course on Live Project in Delhi

Dates Timings Days Duration Price
1 February 2023- 28 April 2023 10AM - 12PM M-F
3 Months
1 February 2023- 28 April 2023 12PM - 2PM M-F
3 Months
1 February 2023- 28 April 2023 3PM - 5PM M-F
3 Months


Lecture 1.1 Understanding of Digital Marketing 0m
Lecture 1.2 Importance and tools of Digital Marketing 0m
Lecture 1.3 How digital Marketing works 0m
Lecture 1.4 Overview of various search engines 0m
Lecture 2.1 Introduction about Website, Domain, Hosting & Serve 0m
Lecture 2.2 Different types of website 0m
Lecture 2.3 Live working on WordPress Website 0m
Lecture 2.4 Optimizing website and integration of plugins & Social Networking sites 0m
Lecture 2.5 Working on Admin panel and Cpanel 0m
Lecture 3.1 What is SEO and its importance’ 0m
Lecture 3.2 Google Algorithms and updates via Panda & penguin 0m
Lecture 3.3 SERP and How it works 0m
Lecture 3.4 Various techniques of SEO 0m
Lecture 3.5 ON Page SEO covering Meta, URLS, Keywords and much more 0m
Lecture 3.6 Off Page optimization and its techniques 0m
Lecture 3.7 Inbound v/s outbound links 0m
Lecture 3.8 Content Marketing 0m
Lecture 4.1 Introduction to Social Media Optimization 0m
Lecture 4.2 SMO Vs. SMM 0m
Lecture 4.3 Introducing Social Networking Platforms 0m
Lecture 4.4 Creating pages, profiles, and sharing 0m
Lecture 4.5 Creating paid campaigns and analyzing ROI through reports 0m
Lecture 4.6 Video Marketing 0m
Lecture 5.1 Introduction to Google Adwords 0m
Lecture 5.2 Creating Paid Campaigns 0m
Lecture 5.3 Creating Search ads, Display ads, Shopping ads and more 0m
Lecture 5.4 Budgeting, bidding, and reporting 0m
Lecture 5.5 Integration of Google Webmaster Tool and analyzing the website performance 0m
Lecture 5.6 Google Analytics and measuring ROI & Traffic 0m
Lecture 6.1 Introduction to E-commerce Website 0m
Lecture 6.2 Website Vs Portal 0m
Lecture 6.3 Promoting Ecommerce website 0m
Lecture 6.4 Paid promotion via display ads and product listing 0m
Lecture 7.1 Introduction to various paid and free tools 0m
Lecture 7.2 100% Job Assistance 0m
Lecture 7.3 Live projects Training 0m
Lecture 7.4 Exposure of Google absence 0m
Lecture 7.5 Introduction to Email Marketing and SMS Marketing 0m
Lecture 7.6 Introduction of affiliate marketing 0m
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best digital marketing learning center in Delhi ncr
Varsh Purwar

Best career opportunities after learn Digital Marketing .DM Guru is unquestionably a top-notch institution for Digital Marketing training institute. The experts here assist you in understanding the issues in a variety of ways.

digital marketing institute with live project in Delhi ncr
Sarthak Kumar

Live Project Training with DM Guru.The DM Guru is the most outstanding Digital Marketing Training Institute in the country. The experts here provided me with a complete and thorough practical understanding of every module.

digital marketing education with live project in Delhi
Sumedha Das

Many Thanks to DM Guru - A great Institute for learn Digital Marketing.Following completing the training course, I am currently earning a part-time income from home. A digital marketing institute is the most excellent option for homemakers who want to make money online. Thank you very much, DM Guru for your excellent training.