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orm learn with live project in gurgaon delhi ncr
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Course Duration: 4 Weeks

ORM or Online Reputation Management course is based on Competitor Analysis and Huge Research. It is aimed to boost online visibility and generate business leads by creating brand awareness among people interested in relevant business. It spreads right and relevant information about any business in various search engines. Online Reputation motivates content marketing to influence the influencer. People have the tendency to check online reviews and ratings while buying anything online. Online Reputation Management becoming popular nowadays as people are more focused on branding.

Start-Ups take help of ORM Services to boost their business name across their target audience. They seek ORM activities via Popular Search Engine Platform and Social Media Sites. Start-Ups are generally focused on the lead generation which can be generated through Google Adwords and SEO. Apart from these, Start-Ups or Individuals would also like to get search by their brand names.

Likewise, Existing companies or branded company take help of ORM services to boost their online presence in a more positive way or to drag back the negative feedback or comments. One should always keep in mind that negative feedback or links cant be deleted if we don’t have the authority to do so. These links can be pushed back by creating quality links based on Quality Content Marketing. Reviews, Comments, Feedback, Testimonials play significant roles in boosting Online Reputation of any company.

No doubt, Online Reputation Management is the collective efforts of SEO & SMO Services by spreading quality information and optimising the contents accordingly. Join Online Reputation Management Course in Gurgaon at DM Guru only and learn effective ways to enhance brand awareness & online visibility in a positive direction.

Dates Timings Days Duration Price
1 March 2023- 31 May 2023 8:30AM - 10AM M-F
3 Months
1 March 2023- 31 May 2023 10AM - 12PM M-F
3 Months
1 March 2023- 31 May 2023 12PM - 2PM M-F
3 Months
1 March 2023- 31 May 2023 3PM - 5PM M-F
3 Months

Best ORM Training Institute in Gurgaon Delhi NCR

Lecture 1.1 What is Online Reputation Management 0m
Lecture 1.2 Types of Online Reputation Management Services 0m
Lecture 1.3 Need of ORM Services or Why ORM services are required 0m
Lecture 1.4 Relevant Local and Global ORM Stories 0m
Lecture 1.5 Role of ORM in Lead Generation 0m
Lecture 2.1 Competitors Analysing 0m
Lecture 2.2 Importance of listening Online and responding Reviews 0m
Lecture 2.3 SMO Tools such as HootSuite, Google Alerts, etc 0m
Lecture 2.4 Generating Positive Reviews and Feedback 0m
Lecture 2.5 Real-Time Feedback 0m
Lecture 2.6 Highlighting relevant information and spreading on several search engine platforms. 0m
Lecture 3.1 Checking for the vision and mission of the company 0m
Lecture 3.2 Evaluating ethics and sentiments of the company – Start-up or existing 0m
Lecture 3.3 Measuring the strong points about the company 0m
Lecture 4.1 Importance of acknowledgment 0m
Lecture 4.2 How to respond negative feedback 0m
Lecture 4.3 How to tackle the negative links 0m
Lecture 4.4 Authenticity of Genuine or false feedback 0m
Lecture 4.5 Private vs public resolutions 0m
Lecture 5.1 – Creating a framework for Online Reputation Management services from the beginning to the end, from measuring the sentiments to presenting the positive picture. 0m
Lecture 6.1 Defence mechanism 0m
Lecture 6.2 Creating links via subdomains, additional sites, site links, Google local listings 0m
Lecture 6.3 Using Social Media Platforms to post, tag and share relevant information 0m
Lecture 6.4 Paid Tools and listing via Facebook and Google. 0m
Lecture 6.5 Website And Other Links Optimization 0m
Lecture 6.6 Comment, reviews, Feedback Tracking and responding 0m
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best digital marketing learning center in gurgaon delhi ncr
Navneet Mehta

I had a great experience with DM Guru. I worked on live projects during the course and i gained not just theoretical knowledge but also practical knowledge . I feel lucky that i got to know about Digital Marketing and DM Guru. I got an amazing start for my career.

digital marketing institute with live project in gurgaon delhi ncr

My expreince at dm guru is very good. All trainer there are good to teach digital marketing, best part is we got live project training in SEO, SMO, PPC, website designing, thanks team DM Guru.

Shehab Almuslehi digital marketing trainee
Amul Bansal

Digital marketing skills are likely to increase demand years down the line because the digital economy is growing ten times faster than the offline economy. There are several reasons digital marketing skills will keep rising. Considering the same, I decided to join a digital marketing course in the DM Guru, and today, I know everything about digital marketing.

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