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Course Fees:- 30,000.00

ppc learning center in gurgaon
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Course Duration: 4 Weeks
Batches:- Morning & EveningPay Per Click refers to the paid part of Digital Marketing Promotion. Generally, it is renamed as Google Adwords or SEM (Search Engine Marketing). PPC or Pay per click is much wider than SEM or Google Adwords. DM Guru will make you understand the different concept and offer you right guidance to execute the paid promotion independently and efficiently.The real time Google AdWords Training covers basic learning features from keywords research & analysis to Advanced version of reporting. Be it Search Network, Display Advertising or Video Marketing, DM Guru explains each test & technique through experienced industry professionals. Join Live Projects based Google AdWords Training in Gurgaon and learn to advertise on various portals like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube. Trainers will guide the trainees from Creating an account to creating ads and to running the ads smoothly while evaluating the results.

Need of PPC Course:-

No website can perform without having visibility on Search Engine. Organic Promotion may take a time to uplift the website on the top of the searches. PPC or paid campaigns are helpful to get instant results and leads generation by enhancing branding. There are lots of search engine platforms are here like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, YouTube and much more where variant industries are promoting their services and products. People looking to run their own business or graduates building their career in PPC should join this course to understand the activities and results thereof.

Not only the sectors, Government officials and public utilities are also looking to PPC Interns or Google AdWords professionals to generate leads to enhance brand awareness. One may work as freelancers or part time basis to earn extra income. Some start-ups have the low budget and unable to afford professional PPC Company, may hire Freelancers or part time PPC professionals to track and manage the PPC campaigns.

Who can Join PPC Course in Gurgaon:-

Anyone who is graduate and undergraduate with basic knowledge of Computer may join PPC Classes. Be it Entrepreneur, Individual, Marketing professional, Job seekers, freelancers, business owners may ask for the corporate or Live projects based PPC Training in Gurgaon with Google AdWords Certification.

DM Guru is a professionally managed organization offering training through industry professionals with certifications courses. 100% guidance and placements assistance will be offered.

After Complited PPC Course : Find Best PPC Agency in Gurgaon

Dates Timings Days Duration Price
1 February 2023 - 20 February 2023 10AM - 12PM M-F
20 Days
1 February 2023- 20 February 2023 12PM - 2PM M-F
20 Days
1 January 2023- 20 January 2023 3PM - 5PM M-F
20 Days

Best PPC Training Institute in Gurgaon Delhi NCR India

Lecture 1.1 Understanding PPC, Google Adwords, and SEM 0m
Lecture 1.2 Significance of PPC 0m
Lecture 1.3 Different channels of PPC like Google Bing, facebook, LinkedIn, Yahoo 0m
Lecture 2.1 Creating and Setting AdWords Account 0m
Lecture 2.2 Understating AdWords interface and Dashboard 0m
Lecture 2.3 Making payments on AdWords Account 0m
Lecture 2.4 Creating First Campaign, Ad group, and Ads 0m
Lecture 2.5 Managing Settings related to Bid Amount, Location, Language, Devices, Account Limit, Budget, Schedule, etc. 0m
Lecture 2.6 Understanding Different Ads Search Network, Display Network, Search & display Network, Shopping Ads, Video Advertising 0m
Lecture 2.7 Demographic bidding & Social Settings 0m
Lecture 2.8 Keywords Research & Optimisation, Understanding the types of Keywords (Broad, Broad match, Phase, Exit, Negative) 0m
Lecture 2.9 Keywords Planner Tool 0m
Lecture 2.10 Understanding each Ad Formats guidelines and creating Text Ads, Display Ads, Image Ads & Shopping Ads. 0m
Lecture 2.11 Quality Score and Its Importance 0m
Lecture 2.12 Columns Customisation & Filters 0m
Lecture 2.13 CPC & CPM Bidding 0m
Lecture 2.14 MMC Account or Multi User Access 0m
Lecture 2.15 Website Optimizer, A/B Testing, Conversion Tracking 0m
Lecture 2.16 Competitors Keywords Analysis 0m
Lecture 2.17 Landing page Creation, Optimisation, and Benefits 0m
Lecture 2.18 Click Through Rates 0m
Lecture 2.19 Multifold Reportings 0m
Lecture 3.1 Understanding Facebook and Its Importance 0m
Lecture 3.2 Basics and Advanced features of Facebook 0m
Lecture 3.3 Creation of Facebook Profile, Company Page 0m
Lecture 3.4 Do’s and Don’t of Business profile 0m
Lecture 3.5 Managing Facebook page, Inviting People to Like the pages, Building Brands 0m
Lecture 3.6 Creating Posts with Content, Images, and Videos 0m
Lecture 3.7 Driving Visitors while sharing of various related groups and using relevant “Hashtags” 0m
Lecture 3.8 Generating leads via Facebook 0m
Lecture 3.9 Creating paid campaigns and running boost with bidding and setting location 0m
Lecture 3.10 Integration of third party tools and social sites 0m
Lecture 3.11 Analysing Competitors 0m
Lecture 3.12 Reporting performance 0m
Lecture 4.1 An introduction to YouTube 0m
Lecture 4.2 Creating and optimizing YouTube Channel 0m
Lecture 4.3 Creating, Optimising and Leveraging YouTube Videos 0m
Lecture 4.4 Understanding how to gain more YouTube Views & Subscribers 0m
Lecture 4.5 Supported Ad Formats, Analytics & Insights 0m
Lecture 4.6 Video Bidding CPV (Cost Per View) 0m
Lecture 4.7 Do’s & Don’t while creating YouTube Video and Channels 0m
Lecture 4.8 Building Brand 0m
Lecture 4.9 Embedding & Distributing Video for Commercial gain 0m
Lecture 5.1 Introduction to LinkedIn and its importance in business World 0m
Lecture 5.2 Creating LinkedIn Profile and Company Page 0m
Lecture 5.3 Setting LinkedIn Strategy 0m
Lecture 5.4 Basic and Advanced features – How it works 0m
Lecture 5.5 Developing networks to increase reach and visibility 0m
Lecture 5.6 Creating Posts, Writing articles and Sharing on groups 0m
Lecture 5.7 Understanding LinkedIn with different users’ perspectives 0m
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best digital marketing learning center in gurgaon delhi ncr
Navneet Mehta

I had a great experience with DM Guru. I worked on live projects during the course and i gained not just theoretical knowledge but also practical knowledge . I feel lucky that i got to know about Digital Marketing and DM Guru. I got an amazing start for my career.

digital marketing institute with live project in gurgaon delhi ncr

My expreince at dm guru is very good. All trainer there are good to teach digital marketing, best part is we got live project training in SEO, SMO, PPC, website designing, thanks team DM Guru.

Shehab Almuslehi digital marketing trainee
Amul Bansal

Digital marketing skills are likely to increase demand years down the line because the digital economy is growing ten times faster than the offline economy. There are several reasons digital marketing skills will keep rising. Considering the same, I decided to join a digital marketing course in the DM Guru, and today, I know everything about digital marketing.

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