Differences in Traditional Business and Digital Business

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Traditional business has a physical presence and it serves people locally providing services or products. People themselves visit locating the stores. Talking about e-commerce business, people sitting in any corner of the world can scroll through the web and find the store. They can shop at any time of the hour and receive the products and services easily. Various companies providing digital marketing services are making the best use of this new business trend.

For the entrepreneurs, who are confused to decide between traditional and digital business must know the differences between them. Differences do not make one type superior but they can surely help one to decide. It is because different businesses are suited to different types of markets. Some may want local customer to attract while some wish international customers depending on the size and type of the organization.

So here is a comparison between traditional and digital marketing.


E business generally has less or no overhead costs because they do not need to have a physical site to sell their product and services. They have a web presence and so people can reach them through internet. People involved in traditional business have to select a prime location, find a place and then rent it.

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For traditional businessmen, the costs do not end up till renting the business. They also need online presence and that cost cannot be eliminated. They have to seek help from digital world like SEO services or paid services to attract the target customers.


The competition is undoubtedly in the favour of e commerce shopping because of customer’s reliability. Shopping sites such as – Amazon, Flipkart and Myntra have replaced the thoughts of people getting out of their houses in search of quality products.

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But there are a bunch of people who prefer live shopping to physically examine the product before purchasing.


There is no matter of doubt in the fact that digital businesses need to have more budget to spend in their marketing programs where in traditional business do have limited budget and limited options. Marketing programs in digital world include blogs, attention to social media, content ads etc. Traditional marketers very often take help of this business transformation. They also have to take care of the other modes of marketing such as newspaper ads and pamphlets.


No matter how hard e commerce business is working to shine bright, but in terms of reputation, traditional marketers are ahead till date. It seems to be more reliable to the people in terms of the product quality. Traditional marketing exists for more than a century now so people still trust traditional marketing most of the times. Reputation would build up with time and consistency of the brand in case of both digital as well as traditional business set ups.


When it comes to save time and money in this fast life, e commerce businesses are all time favorites of the people. People can shop in their workplaces by just going through it and make easy transactions. Be it debit, credit, net banking or cash on delivery option. The services are available 24* 7 and so you can shop your favourite items even in the odd hours. There are easy returns and exchanges without any questioning. With this much of reliability, people are loving e-commerce and other web services.

So, these were some of the prominent differences between traditional and digital business. These differences surely do not uplift any of the two but it clearly tells the nature of both kinds of businesses.

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