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Social Media Optimization Course in Faridabad

You can take a path to a glorious career with DM Guru social media marketing Course. The Course is specially designed to help the learners become familiar with digital marketing and proficient in social media tools and techniques, starting with the basics of digital marketing. Our social media marketing certification is designed to help you develop all the necessary skills to market the business on social media through extensive experience in projects. Through this course, you would be mastering the basics of social media marketing techniques like SEO strategies, influencer marketing, reputation management, content marketing, and web analytics.

Reasons you need to choose social media optimization Course

Learning social media marketing has emerged as one of the most entertaining parts of the 21st century. The young generation today likes social media a lot. They love to connect with friends and enjoy a healthy social life. It has enormous scope and opportunities professionally.

  • Students would understand the current market trends for social media.
  • After this Course, students will understand the efficiency and optimize social media to gain users.
  • Students would be able to generate traffic toward online websites.
  • Explore new markets in their regions if you are running a business.
  • Build a new business from scratch.
  • Track the performance of social media.
  • Analyse paid campaigns and generate income with maximum ROI for businesses.
  • Start working on improvising the online presence by regular posting and sharing.

Reasons to join DM Guru for a social media Course.

  • Get a comprehensive learning experience
  • Live learning experience
  • 100% placement support
  • Full support from the expert
  • High paying jobs

The certification is internationally recognized to help you apply globally to the top MNC jobs. You can get a job as a social media marketer to realize the potential to earn at an optimum level.


Is social media marketing a great course to take?

Yes of course social media marketing is a great course to join. You can learn everything about social media marketing with DM Guru this course will help you in the long term also.

How much time does it take to learn social media marketing?

It takes around 3 to 5 weeks to learn social media marketing. But it all depends on your capabilities also. If you want to make the most of social media marketing then you should join DM Guru as all experts are well trained and they will help you learn best of the social media marketing.

Will DM Guru teach how to schedule social posts?

Yes, DM Guru will teach you how to schedule the social posts ahead of time. We have an expert Facebook business manager also that will help you understand the scheduling of the posts.

Will DM Guru teach me which platforms should I use For social media?

Yes, DM Guru will teach you everything about social media platforms. our experts are having a lot of experience so they will teach you about the social media platforms which you should be used as per your strategy.

Does DM Guru offer certification for social media marketing courses?

Yes, DM Guru offers certification for the social media marketing course. We will ensure that you get the certification and we also offer 100% job placement so you can be stress-free.

Dates Timings Days Duration Price
1 February 2023 - 20 February 2023 10AM - 12PM M-F
20 Days
1 February 2023 - 20 February 2023 12PM - 2PM M-F
20 Days
1 February 2023 - 20 February 2023 3PM - 5PM M-F
20 Days

Best SMO Training Centre in Faridabad (Delhi/NCR)

Lecture 1.1 Introduction to Social Media and its need 0m
Lecture 1.2 Introduction to Social Networking Sites 0m
Lecture 1.3 Various Social Media Strategy 0m
Lecture 1.4 SMO V/s SMM 0m
Lecture 1.5 Social Bookmarking v/s Social Networking 0m
Lecture 2.1 Brief introduction about Facebook latest trends 0m
Lecture 2.2 Creating Profiles, Pages, Groups, Locations, Brands, Company 0m
Lecture 2.3 Facebook Connect though Like, Share, Comment, Review 0m
Lecture 2.4 Branding Facebook page through managing and retention 0m
Lecture 2.5 Understanding Facebook apps 0m
Lecture 2.6 Advantages and challenges 0m
Lecture 2.7 Facebook Page insights. 0m
Lecture 2.8 Various Paid boost, reporting, measuring and monitoring 0m
Lecture 2.9 Post Level and page Level data Analysis 0m
Lecture 2.10 Do’s and Don’ts of Facebook Page 0m
Lecture 3.1 Introduction to LinkedIn and How it works 0m
Lecture 3.2 Creating Individual profiles and Company Pages 0m
Lecture 3.3 Putting right contents and images 0m
Lecture 3.4 Sharing post, articles, images and news on various groups. 0m
Lecture 3.5 Answers, messaging, testimonials and connecting with several people 0m
Lecture 3.6 Running paid campaigns, measuring and monitoring 0m
Lecture 4.1 Introduction to YouTube and its different tools 0m
Lecture 4.2 Using Write Content and relevant URLs 0m
Lecture 4.3 Uploading Images, Video or creating slideshows 0m
Lecture 4.4 Social Sharing, Comments and Reviews 0m
Lecture 4.5 Defining Goals, metrics and budgets 0m
Lecture 4.6 Getting audience creating promotion videos or ads inside the video 0m
Lecture 5.1 Introduction to microblogging & Twitter 0m
Lecture 5.2 Different types of business promotion like PR Image, E-commerce, Blogs and Business 0m
Lecture 5.3 Creating Twitter Accounts, profiling and using hashtags 0m
Lecture 5.4 Paid Advertising, measuring and monitoring 0m
Lecture 7.1 Introduction to Pinterest 0m
Lecture 7.2 Creating profile and Brand Pages 0m
Lecture 7.3 Followers and Followings 0m
Lecture 7.4 Pin Likes, Re-Pin and Commenting 0m
Lecture 8.1 Understanding and Creating Blogs on WordPress, Blogspot etc 0m
Lecture 8.2 Content, images, and video uploading 0m
Lecture 8.3 Sharing blogs on various social media platforms 0m
Lecture 8.4 Inviting likes, comments, reviews through organic and paid campaigns 0m
Lecture 8.5 Monitoring and analyzing blog traffic through Google Analytics 0m
Lecture 9.1 Introduction to Social Bookmarking 0m
Lecture 9.2 Finding high DA and PA Social Networking sites 0m
Lecture 9.3 Creating profiles on StrumleUpon, Delicious, Reddit, Digg etc 0m
Lecture 9.4 Sharing relevant URLs, Images, and infographics 0m
Lecture 10.1 SMO Tools like Hootsuite 0m
Lecture 10.2 Live projects 0m
Lecture 10.3 100% Job Assistance 0m
Lecture 10.4 Exposure of freelancing projects 0m
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best digital marketing learning center in gurgaon delhi ncr
Navneet Mehta

I had a great experience with DM Guru. I worked on live projects during the course and i gained not just theoretical knowledge but also practical knowledge . I feel lucky that i got to know about Digital Marketing and DM Guru. I got an amazing start for my career.

digital marketing institute with live project in gurgaon delhi ncr

My expreince at dm guru is very good. All trainer there are good to teach digital marketing, best part is we got live project training in SEO, SMO, PPC, website designing, thanks team DM Guru.

Shehab Almuslehi digital marketing trainee
Amul Bansal

Digital marketing skills are likely to increase demand years down the line because the digital economy is growing ten times faster than the offline economy. There are several reasons digital marketing skills will keep rising. Considering the same, I decided to join a digital marketing course in the DM Guru, and today, I know everything about digital marketing.