How To Deal with Online Negative Reviews?

How To Deal with Online Negative Reviews

Negative online reviews are every business’s nightmare which can turn away customers left, right and center. The increased fame of social media and review websites means businesses require being more aware than ever of what customers are saying about them online. Any negative reviews can considerably hurt your business because approximately two-thirds of customers make their opinion about a business after reading just four reviews. Therefore, it is very important to deal with negative reviews carefully. Here is a list of suggestions to deal with negative online reviews

  • Respond quickly: The online world operates 24/7 and people who complaint want to be heard and look forward to a quick response. It is significant to deal with negative reviews promptly ahead of they escalate and more potential customers see the review. Make sure to be polite & humble, Apologise if you are a defaulter, Put the clear picture and do not write down the legal threats.
  • Be calm and professional: Negative comments can upset you but never respond to any negative comment in the heat of the moment. Respond in a polite, professional manner and never blame other people for the problem or make excuses. Respond To Online Negative Reviews
  • Take the issue off-line: After recognizing the problem, suggest to handle the matter off-line, out of public view. Make available your email or contact details so that you can discuss and resolve the matter off-line. When you have been able to resolve the problem, you may then post a public comment on the review website outlining the agreed result.
  • Modify the Business Ethics: If the same type of comments keeps coming, the issue can be with your business ethics or services. We must see inside our collars as well and must check where we are going wrong. We should accept the criticism and should repair the business practices to prevent bad reviews.
  • Get the Negative Reviews Erased: It seems easy but it is not. To get it removed, you may request the website owner to remove this. If someone demands money to get it removed, it is just a scam, avoid it. Reviews Site have their own strict guidelines. if you think, your competitor or relative has done this, you may provide the genuine reason to the website owner and it may be get deleted. Always keep in mind, be it genuine review or fake, it will be the final decision of the website holder to remove it or to keep it. Some of the website which always checks the appropriateness of the feedback and then takes an action accordingly such Google My business, Mouth shut, Consumer Complaints, Complaint board, and many other sites.

Request that fake or misleading reviews be removed

If you identify that reviews are fake or deceptive they must be removed. Examples of such reviews might include those written by:

Online Negative Reviews
  • Family or friends without disclosing your personal relationship
  • Any competitor
  • Somebody paid to write the review who has not used your product or service
  • Any member of your staff

This is not the same as asking for negative reviews to be removed or eliminating them from your own website or Facebook page. Social media is for developing relationships, even though they might not always be positive.

- Encourage your customers to write a review: To bury the negative reviews, its always better to get a handful of positive reviews. You may ask customers who are pleased with your product or services to write a review. Be careful not to manipulate them by asking that they leave only positive reviews.
It’s better to manage online customer reviews by:

  • Knowing how to review sites work
  • Get registered with Google Alerts to track mentions of your business
  • Registering with review sites, particularly any specialist sites for your industry, thus you can be alerted when somebody posts a review
  • Allowing customers to know you are listed on review sites and giving them with details on how they may post a review

Do not get disappointed if you get Negative Reviews. These are just the signal to improve your services and to consider Online reputation while marketing your products or services. Marketing will go waste if you do not have a Good reputation. Hire an Online Reputation Consultant or Know the Online Reputation Tactics to beat the Negative reviews.

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