How to Send Automated Direct Messages Through Twitter?

Send Automated Direct Messages Through Twitter

This present era has developed into a social network with the help of social networks such as a Twitter, hike, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and other media. However, this tool is not only used to spend time but also as a powerful marketing tool. The reason for choosing this instrument is its high public reach compared to other media.

How Twitter is a great marketing tool?

There are no two ways Twitter is one of the best marketing tools on the market. Regardless of your marketing goals for your business, Twitter can no doubt be a powerful tool to help you achieve these goals. With the new expansion of 280 words per tweet, you can now explain your product or service to your audience more clearly. Twitter is not only a great marketing tool but also very constructive when dealing with your fans and followers. One of the great features offered by Twitter is instant or direct messaging, also known as DM.

twitter direct messages

This is a great way to communicate one on one with your fans. They feel special and ultimately help you build a loyal fan base. It looks very small but believes this will help you improve your brand image.

Gears to drive preset direct messages

There are various twitter tools through which you can send message directly in bulk and won’t have to write again and again for each follower, let’s have a speedy look on how to send automated direct messages through twitter in bulk, which includes –

  • Tweet manager - Twitter managers are like personal Twitter assistants who play an important role in sending direct messages automatically. In addition to sending messages, the Twitter manager performs many further tasks, like sending mass messages, setting up automatic retweets, scheduling your tweets and when to send messages, etc. tweet manager tool Tweet Manager is one of the easy-to-use alternatives for automatic instant-messaging tools. Twitter Manager is an abundant tool for sending messages directly automatically to all followers. Track and follow-up Twitter users by entering desired keywords with the Twitter manager and sending automatic replies to people who respond to you. This can be 1000 or fewer users in one round. The tweet manager automatically publishes the tweet at a time that can be set by the user. You can connect to two Twitter accounts with security management.
  • Social oomph – it is another finest tool to send messages directly in bulk. Social Oomph is one of the most popular automatic instant-messaging tools. As we said before, congratulating all followers by sending private messages to everyone is not an easy task. It takes a lot of time and requires a lot of manual work. social oomph for social media These obstacles can be overcome with the help of Social Oomph. It is a paid tool and is worth every penny. However, you can schedule tweets, save and reuse the drafts, follow for follow back, filter profiles, purge Twitter direct messages and much more.

However, just keep in mind all the guidelines of twitter and do read the terms and conditions before promoting or selling anything thing through direct messages as it is against the policies of twitter.

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