What Are Linking Root Domains?

linking root domains

Linking root domains is a common term in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). To understand the term properly, let us first understand what a root domain is. A website’s core address is called its root domain. It is usually the website’s home page from where you get to navigate to other pages.

Now coming to what linking root domains are, it refers to the total number of unique links from root domains that link to your webpage. The term unique here is used because links from the same website are not counted as separate links but are instead counted as just linking the root domain. This is an essential concept in SEO because it has been observed that the higher a website's linking root domain is, the higher will be its search engine ranking. But the number of links alone does not improve a website’s search engine ranking. The quality of the links is also taken into account. For example, website A might have more links than website B, yet website B is ranked higher by Google. This could be because website A has links from low-quality blogs, while website B has fewer links but from more authoritative websites, making it seem more reliable than website A.

But it is still not that simple. A website might have several high-quality sites linking to it, but search engines would still not rank it high because of numerous factors. One factor could be that the links could be coming from irrelevant websites. For example, a car dealer's website is linked to a fashion website. These two niches are completely irrelevant and would not be given high weightage from search engines. Another factor could be that the links come from a single source rather than a range of sources.

crucial SEO concept

Search engines would give more importance to a webpage that has links from blogs, forums, and social media, rather than just from social media. Moreover, a domain’s age is also taken into account when counting it as a high-quality link or low-quality link. The longer a website has stayed online, the more authority it is given by search engines. Another important factor is the sentiment associated with the link. That is, whether a website has been linked to another website positively or negatively. A customer could write negative feedback for a company and link their website to the comment. This could lead to search engines considering that as a low-quality link, reducing the linked website's ranking.

Thus, linking root domains is a significant component in search engine algorithms, making it a crucial SEO concept.

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