ORM (Online Reputation Management)
(ORM) Online Reputation Management

Every Company firm or agency has an online reputation which leads the user to take a decision towards them. If the user finds everything appropriate, he will positively take the services, otherwise not. Creating the website & Generating the leads won’t be sufficient. One must have the power to sustain the clients or to encourage them to buy your services & products which can be possible through having a Good image.

Congress has launched luring offers for voters, still, BJP won the Election, not because the BJP has offered some benefits, But MODI had name fame. His Goodwill, His name lead to win the BJP all across India.

So Just have a Look on various aspect of Online Reputation Management here only!!

What is Online Reputation Management?

Online reputation management (ORM) refers to the practice of making strategies that shape or control the public perception of an organization, person or another unit on the Internet. It aids make public opinion regarding a business and its products and services.

Online Reputation Management

With ORM, a company can try to alleviate the effects of a negative viral video, make proactive marketing strategies for online utilization or broaden its domain holdings to ramp up online visibility.

One big ORM beliefs are using positive material to counteract, balance or shove negative matter. Reputation managers can construct broad website projects to deal out text, video or other elements, or use social media analytics to decide a company's status ahead of engaging in products that control Reputation on a Social Media Platform such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

In short, Online Reputation management is an effort to influence the people how they perceive the Brands online while buying products or availing the services.

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Cycles of Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management is not just monitoring what is being said regarding you or your business online, it is much more than that. Good business owners listen to any actionable feedback they get from their customers. They make improvements which may significantly increase customer satisfaction, and in turn, these happy customers, frequently leave feedback, which leads to more demands and so on. This feedback loop is known as Online reputation management cycle.

There are Two Cycles of Online Reputation:

Vicious Cycle: Avoid your online reputation and you will put yourself in risk by falling into the vicious cycle of misinformation and rumors. In this cycle, you will miss feedback from your clients, which might result in less satisfied clients, who in turn may leave negative reviews, driving away probable customers, and giving you fewer resources to create improvements, etc.

Vicious Cycle of Online Reputation Management
How Does a Vicious Circle Build?
  • Poor Quality, Misleading, False and negative contents rank higher due to neglecting the online goodwill
  • Eventually, people start clicking on the negative content which seems interesting and shocking to them
  • Search engine found regular traffic and engagement due to which it gets started promoting by own
  • People starting spreading the Link through Social media and online circle.
  • Other users and audience start dropping comments and feedbacks due to which negative links become validated.

In short, Vicious circle is the result of overlooking the brand or neglecting The customers’ opinion. To avoid a vicious circle, one should focus on a customer-centric approach.

Virtuous Cycle: take care of your online reputation and you create a virtuous cycle of valuable, quality data which replicate perfectly on your business/brand.

Virtuous Cycle of Online Reputation Management
How Does a Virtuous Circle Work?
  • Good quality & positive contents are published which rank higher online
  • People looking for the company information will eventually click on that
  • The search engine will promote the link eventual after checking the engagements
  • People will spread these links via social media and online circle
  • Self bloggers, media people, and genuine buyers will validate the positive materials and may acquire the services accordingly.

Here is an Example of How Online Reputation Works:

How Online Reputation Works

A consumer goes to a restaurant, has a nice evening and leaves some small tips for improvement on the owner’s Facebook page in a mostly positive review. The owner takes it positively, revert with the valuable response and starts working towards the suggestions for the better experience for all the customers next time. The positive review attracts new customers to the restaurant. if the user’s suggestion is implemented they would like to visit the restaurant again and again. They will feel satisfied which can be resulted in positive reviews and this is how online reputation works.

Why one should Consider Online Reputation management?

Just getting the leads, rating higher is not enough, if we have no good presence. Almost everything is “Online” so having a positive presence resembles Goodwill. here we can offer you solid reasons to consider Online Reputation management:-

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- People are more Prone to the Internet: Found any symptoms of illness, we GOOGLE. Planning to buy something online, we GOOGLE. Need study material for the exams, we GOOGLE. in fact, we search online for everything as we trust online resources much more.

- Online Over Offline: Time has changed so far. Who saved the documents in hard copies!! Who liked the images and take a hard print in the form of the album!! Who even touched the computer as compared to smartphones. This is what happens in promotion as well, offline marketing seems expensive and limited, whereas online resources are measurable and budget as well. Even you are searched, yes. Be it employers, landlord, friends, relatives, former colleagues, banks, insurance companies, etc have their own perspectives to search an individual online via LinkedIn, Facebook, Google images, Instagram and much more.

- Online Reputation is forever: No one can see your offline reputation by visiting your place, Online Reputation is Forever. A negative review can ruin your life even. You can see various social media examples in which a single negative video can win life to death. You can lose the job due to unmaterialistic information, your wedding may break due to false images with others, and so on. Realistic examples can be found online. You have no control on others, but you can monitor your own profile to make it realistic.

As a matter of fact, Online reputation always cater to the best:-

  • 9 out of 10 people search online and trust the fact given online
  • 90% of people check for the online reviews while availing the local Business services
  • Candidates and companies are rejected on the basis of their online visibility
  • Mistrust raises when a mismatch is found between buzz and reality

What is the need for Online Reputation Management?

We can say that the reputation of a business is very important. If a business is having a good reputation among existing and potential consumers, it would be able to run business peacefully. Now, it’s a time of digital media, when it is very important for a business to know what their clients are saying about the business. On the basis of what customers say, a business must take steps or measures to protect their reputation with Reputation Management Systems.

Need of Online Reputation management

If you own a business, a good reputation is very important for your business growth. The same works for your digital reputation, as the majority of people in today’s digital business lifestyle, go online if they have a problem or need information about a particular product or service. A bad online reputation will have a negative consequence on your business objectives.

There are various reasons why it’s important to have an online reputation management process to help you with your social media and other digital marketing campaigns; however, here is a list of some of the reasons to consider getting one.

  • - Increase Sales: Nowadays, the Internet is the first place people go for when they are looking for a solution or a product. It is also among the best sources for research because one can easily connect with many people who are contributing to the topic. One of the best ways to increase your sales is by appealing to potential customers online through direct and indirect means like social media posts and analyzing the best methods to convert them. A reputation management company may share insights from your consumer’s behavior and reaction that in turn may help you recognize the best form of communication to move forward with to convert the customers.

  • - Construct Credibility: Getting consumer trust is of the utmost importance for a business to do well. Be it a person or another client in your B2B vertical, the internet provides them a platform to be an inhabitant journalist, letting them raise their voices online when they aren’t happy with your product or services. A negative review concerning your brand will spread much faster than a positive one. Getting an ORM strategy in place may help you turn a negative review to neutral to a positive one if tackled in time. It helps you make credibility as a brand which cares about its customers and wants to improve the product. A good ORM service may help you connect and plan your communication about the same.

  • orm benefits
  • - Create a Brand Image: Besides the lines of reputation management when it comes to complaints, an effective ORM may help make the perfect brand image. Regularly monitoring the responses to any form of communication online may assist build the brand image your company needs. Putting out a social media post? Recognize how your buyers are reacting to the same, to make the next post that can elicit a more positive reaction. Are your consumers talking in relation to one particular aspect of your product in a very positive way? Make it the center of your communication.

  • - Recruitment: One of the main reasons why a company may succeed has to do with the talent of driving the product. A superior online reputation drives in applications in high volume for any job openings. And it’s no secret that a suitable, qualified candidate will always do his or her research online ahead of accepting an interview call or even applying to any company. Your company’s online reputation may be the deciding part in the candidate joining or not the job. So get your customers and your online reviews on the happier side to have the best talents to work with you.

What is the Difference between SEO & Online Reputation management?

Both terms are related to each other but both have a different meaning. SEO works to optimize the website or business to get the same on rank, whereas Online Reputation Management builds customer trust on the website or business.

Difference between SEO & Online Reputation management

SEO Works on the beach engine updates which is more technical in nature whereas Online Reputation Management is a human problem. The search engine can respond to our search term only, be it positive information or negative reviews. More the traffic on the link, more it will popularise. Let's Check the basic differences:-

  • - SEO Prioritise Popularity: Algorithm never asks you to rely on the facts which are on rank. Its the popularity of the content which drives traffic and ranks higher. Embarrassing photos, gossips, prank videos are the examples which have much visibility due to popularity.

  • - Online Reputation management Prioritise Balance: ORM is biased by the human gossips and their personal approach towards rumors. Algorithms never tell you what is fake or what is the truth? One needs to make his or her own strategies to build a better Online Reputation from the very beginning.

  • - Goals, Tactics & Measures are different: SEO Promotes the website whereas ORM controls the collection of the site. SEO Ranks the website on the first page whereas ORM fills the first page with relevant contents related to a specific search. SEO aims to move up the site whereas ORM aims to displace misleading website from the search, SEO aims to create links whereas ORM going viral, SEO works on relevant search terms whereas ORM dominate the specific search terms

ORM eventually strengthen SEO results and build trust.

Example of ORM
Example of ORM

As research, people are active 6 hours a day on the internet which means whatever they want to look for, they will make the search online. but are they getting the relevant and true information all the time?

NO, SEO Priorities Popularity, not accuracy. As Google Search Liaison Danny Sullivan has said, “We’re not a truth engine. We can give you information, but we can’t tell you the truth of a thing.” so here a need arises to develop a perfect Online Reputation Strategy which is must deliver relevant and true information to the users.

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How Online Reputation Management Works?

It requires a lot of hard work and continuous monitoring for your company to set up a good image in the market. In this era of huge competition, you have to be at your best when it comes to giving out quality products and services to your customers. Thus, it is significant that you use the services of a company which can provide you a good online reputation management plan.

working of ORM

1. Build a Web Presence: For any business or as an individual, you have to go with the course of modern times in order to survive. And this time you have to allow your presence to be felt online. This is your only entryway to get in touch with your target market. With the World Wide Web, you will also be able to find out the various concerns of your customers, making it easier for you to act on it. Give attention to their every requirement particularly when it concerns your products and services. And to know all details about what people think about your brand? Where the brand is mentioned? What are people talking about when your brand is mentioned? There are numerous tools that you can use in order to monitor your brand online, such as Google Alerts, Yahoo Alerts, Twitter Search, Social Mention, Social Media. To build a web presence, You are required to have a right presence in which you can have your own hold such as:

  • Personal or business websites
  • Social profile on Facebook, Linkedin Etc
  • Own Blogs or Forum Portal
  • An account on Rich Media Sites such as Youtube, Flickr
  • Business Listings
  • PR News & Informative Articles

2. Easy Communication: As you will be keeping a good reputation online, you require to allow your customers or followers to understand that you can be reached easily. This can be achieved by maintaining several accounts from well-known social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. Communicating your product breakthroughs and everything regarding big news about your company will be added to these accounts. So, your customers will know what is happening in your company, and you will just be amazed at how comments and likes from your pages will become huge overnight. You must be accountable to acknowledge these comments and here are some tools that may help you with it:

  • HootSuite
  • Disqus
  • SocialStream
  • Ping.fm

3. Being Approachable: Always assure your clients that you can be approached easily at any particular time. This assurance will give them the idea that you are sincere in making a good relationship with them. Through this, you can make a good company reputation. In the case of potential clients, never forget to leave your existing contact details like your email address, contact numbers, and even your site address. As a ranking indicator, One must consider:-

  • Hows Relevant Content mentioned in your website
  • how Authoritative are the profiling sites
  • What is the quality of backlinks
  • How the user interacts with the Contents
  • How frequently you update the contents
  • From which trustworthy sources the content comes

4. Client Testimonials: It is very significant for your company to set up trust between your clients. To add extra, it will be a good idea to include client testimonials in your web pages to provide prospective clients a credible notion about your company. You also have the choice to contain customer reviews in your sites to be more precise about what your company can do. Quality ratings from qualified organizations also increase the credibility of your company.

5. Dealing with Negative Comments: You cannot make happy everyone; therefore expect that there will be negative comments that will pop out now and then. As a part of a good reputation management policy, you have to counter those negative comments positively. If the damage is done here’s what you need to right away do:

  • Appoint an ORM consultant
  • Get in touch with the owner of the bad reputation site and respectfully ask if he/she can put it down
  • If it is unlawful, call any possibly concerned government official and ask them for help to get it down
  • Request Google to de-index it if there are any elements in the page against Google’s guidelines

If all of these are not working for you, begin with getting all those powerful social media accounts and make a network of links to them using your website. Create a blog and interlink that blog with these social accounts and with your main website.

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ORM work is often about creating that bullet-proof reputation on the web for your brand. And one must try that the Online Reputation Management work SHOULD NOT reach the Cleaning stage for damage control. It increases the workload on any Online Reputation Manager; all the while the damage has already happened. However, most companies hire Online Reputation Management only when there is damage already done. Online Reputation Management is not concerning damage control, it is about creating online brand foundations.

What are the Various Tools to assess your online reputation?

The facility to track what people speak concerning you online has numerous benefits. You may leave well-timed feedback on comments regarding you. It may help improve your products and services.

Generally, monitoring what people speak about you online will help you preserve a good reputation.

Here is a list of some tools which can help you monitor your online reputation, irrespective of your niche.

Google Alerts

Google has numerous valued free tools for marketers and SEO pros, including Google Alerts. If you’re an experienced marketer, then you possibly know and use it, either to monitor your brand or for content making.

Google Alerts for ORM

Just enter your company name the similar way you’d enter terms in your niche you desire to get alerts for.

You’ll receive email notifications of your mentions by Google’s database, according to your preferences: as they happen, at the minimum once a day, and at most once a week.

Social Mention

Social Mention is a free tool that monitors more than 80 social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Social Mention for ORM

The results also display the following information to help you measure, monitor, and improve your brand’s reputation:

  • Strength: The possibility that your brand is discussed on social media.
  • Sentiments: The ratio of positive remarks to negative remarks.
  • Passion: The probability that people talking about your brand will do so frequently.
  • Reach: The amount of unique authors who write about or refer to your brand.
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Trackur, also known as “broadest social media monitoring” tool has several features to assist you assess your brand online.

Tackur for ORM

Trackur provide total monitoring of all social media and conventional news sites, insights such as trends, keyword discovery, and influence scoring.

In addition, if you propose social media monitoring as a service to customers, you can pay to customize your dashboard with your logo, URL, and your own colors.


SentiOne assists you to pay attention to what your clients or others normally are saying about your brand. SentiOne will let you access not just immediate data but past data as well. You will be able to know what people may have said regarding your brand in the past before you started using SentiOne.

You may check mentions of your brand, social profiles, or other keywords.

SentiOne for ORM

If you think you’ll get information overload, as SentiOne searches thousands of web sources to get mentions of your brand, you can filter the number of keywords you’re tracking very easily.

And you can filter results into positive or negative mentions, where the latter may help you take action fast to prevent crisis where required.


Reputology refers to a review managing and monitoring platform for multi-location businesses. It assists businesses manage and monitor reviews online.

Reputology for ORM

Other than social media sites, you may listen to what customers are talking about your site from industry, precise review sites in the hospitality, dining, healthcare, fitness, and real estate niches.

To make sure you handle negative reviews proficiently, Reputology converts them into customer service tickets.

importance of orm
Review Push

The online review management software assists businesses with multiple locations to monitor social media and admired review sites like Facebook, Google, Yelp, Yellowpages, etc.

Review Push for ORM

The best thing is that you’ll get all reviews from any site in one place, and when you set up email alerts, you’ll be able to respond to any review, positive or negative, straight from your inbox with Review Push.

You will also be able to observe the review sites on the web or in your industry which your business is not yet listed on. Next, Review Push ranks your stores’ review performance online so you may easily see which store is supposed to improve its product or service delivery.


Chatmeter is designed to assist companies gather and analyze customer feedback and get better customer experience for multi location brands and agencies.

Chatmeter for ORM

It informs you through email of any reviews found on more than 20 local search and review sites. Plus, you’ll get notifications when there is any new content on your brand.

Chatmeter has tools which facilitate you to spy on your local competitors to perceive how you stack up against them and what you may learn from their actions.

Their widget permits you to share reviews from outer sites on your website and store’s pages. And if you make a new profile on a listings’ site, your profiles on other listings sites will automatically updated with any existing information.

Reputation Ranger

Formed for four niche industries which are restaurants and bars, hotels and travel, automotive sales and services, and plumbers and home contractors, Reputation Ranger monitors Facebook and industry-linked sites to generate alerts and reports.

Reputation Ranger for ORM

Separated by niche, it comes to:

  • 15 websites plus Facebook in the hotel and travel niche
  • 9 websites for plumbers and other contractors
  • 12 websites in the restaurant and bar niche
  • 12 auto-related review websites and blogs
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Therefore you’ll mostly get instantaneous monitoring and alerts of the review sites which matter most to your business, based on your niche.

Reputation Health

If you are in a medical practice, or you provide SEO and other online marketing services to medical practices, you may require Reputation Health.

Reputation Health for ORM

It presents reputation management and online review monitoring for medical practitioner. It monitors 23 review sites linked to the medical practice, including HealthGrades, DrScore, UcompareHealthcare, and Vitals etc.

The software gathers online mentions and reviews of what patients are saying regarding your practice and sends you email alerts.


You could manually carry out searches for your brand’s name on search engines or social media sites; however you’ll possibly get a handful of results at best. No need to say the sheer hard work and precious time you’ll require spending on such an undertaking daily, weekly, or monthly.

The above mentioned tools will assist you conveniently and competently monitor your online reputation. Select one which works best for your brand.

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