Difference Between Page Views and Impressions

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Page views and impressions are widely used terms in SEO and they are mostly being used while analyzing the web analytics. Well, there are people who are confused in both these terms, so here is the basic difference for them. Page Views is a condition which denotes the number of times a particular page is being viewed whereas impressions denote the number of times an element on a web page is viewed.

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When a web user visits on the page of the website, it counts as one pageview and each visitor who is visiting the website will have at least one pageview. If the same visitor clicks on another page and that comes into search then it will also be counted as a pageview. When the monthly report of the particular website is being analyzed after the month end, then an average number of pageviews per visitor is divided by the total number of views by the number of unique visitors. This analysis gives the exact count of the page views. According to the pageview count, be it low or high, the SEO department decides to make an amendment and further strategy to run the website. If the page view count is lower than the expectation, then certainly there is something confusing for the visitor, it may be design, content or site navigation that doesn’t make it user-friendly.


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Impression is different than pageview. Impressions refer to the number of times a visitor look into a specific element of a page, be it an image, text, video or content. Impressions are usually calculated to know that how much an advertiser needs to pay to advertise his ad on the website and as it is based on the advertisements. Each time a person loads a page then their ad appears and it is counted as one impression for the individual. Impressions are calculated in sets of 1,000.


Both pageviews and impressions are important and they are easy to calculate a website’s success. When the count of pageview gets low then it certainly indicates the problem such as poor website design, call to action, poor quality content or bad search engine optimization. Such kind of an analysis helps the professionals to measure the effectiveness of a marketing campaign and find the area of improvement. On the other hand, the impressions calculation helps the company to decide how many advertisements can give them benefit, so to how many numbers of people are left to pitch for the same and convince the existing clients to stay back for the better results.

Are impressions and page views the same?

How to Track Pageview and Impressions

Track Pageview and Impressions

The procedure of tracking pageview and impressions is very simple. It is being done through web analytics program like Google Analytics. One needs to sing up an account and insert the piece of code that is generated by the tool and also fill all the details of the business into the website analytic account and regularly keeps checking the track of the website. The code inserted into the website will keep on checking all kinds of behavior and make people analyze what to do next and how. In this way, people can enhance their business by working on diverse behavior calculated by the web analytics.

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