How To Get Higher Google Rankings

How To Get Higher Google Rankings

You will love this article, if you are dreaming to rank higher in Google SERPs in 2022. Let’s dive into how to get higher rankings on Google. Firstly, we will discuss the fastest way to get higher Google rankings through on-page SEO. You can optimize your website within two minutes and get results within a few days.

All these practices are like bread and butter if you are a digital marketing pro or want to be. There is a great mess to get higher Google SERPs, but you can make it easy and affordable with the best SEO practices.

On-page SEO practices to be followed-

  • A keyword must be present in the title tag, description
  • Ensure that the total word count is around 1800 words
  • Keep paragraphs short and use subheadings
  • Make sure your keyword density is at least 2-3%.
  • Using LSI keywords is an updated on-page SEO
  • Make it 100% optimized for mobile devices
  • Your content must meet the user intent
  • Reduce your bounce rate by lining up content
  • Build as many quality backlinks and interlinking to your site
  • Track and monitor your progress to analyze the progress

Getting a higher ranking is the foremost goal, but when it comes to organic traffic, it's unbeatable. The traffic that directly comes from the search engines is called organic or unpaid traffic. That’s why the pages in the top SERPs have the highest volume traffic. DM Guru offers a range of digital marketing course, that you can join and lead the digital world.

Off-Page SEO- Action Taken Outside Your Website

Along with on-page SEO, off-page SEO helps you rank your website on Google. Optimizing the off-site factors makes your website's authority stronger and more relevant. You can learn SEO in-depth within a few months, when you choose the best practices.

Creating backlinks is the heart of off-page SEO. A higher authority backlink is far better than many low authority sites. Either you can hire an SEO expert or find online courses to learn about the digital world.

The three major types of links are-

Natural links: this is basically an editorially given link that doesn’t affect any direct traffic. As an example, a healthcare blog will add a link of a healthcare equipment provider.

Manual links: this is a deliberate backlinking strategy intended to ask and share the viewer’s point of view.

Self-created links: This technique entails adding backlinks to a blog comment, an online directory, and press releases.

Does Off-Page SEO Really Matter?

The search engine algorithms are continually upgraded, but off-page SEO always has a role in ranking pages. Which technique you prefer is all about your choice, but the fact that it is presented in front of you is the best practice.

No one really knows the complete algorithm that Google uses to rank any web page. But, it is said that half of the ranking factors are dependent on off-site SEO techniques. Find a place to get detailed SEO training and know how things work.

Along with the SEO courses, you can also search for the content marketing if you want to target a specific field. While getting links from other websites is the most common practice for off-page SEO, you can also include these to improve your off-site SEO.

  1. Social media marketing practices
  2. Guest blogging on blogging sites
  3. Influence marketing

If you find this information relevant to you or want to explore the digital marketing course fees in Gurgaon, do connect with us to start your digital marketing career.

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