How To Use Yoast SEO To Rank Higher in SERPs?

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The appearance of Your website on the front page of search engine results like Google makes growing brand awareness and raises conversation rates quickly. But search engine optimization must be perfect as it is crucial to help your posts and pages get better rankings. Yoast SEO is one of the most prominent WordPress SEO plugins in the market, and at least 12,000,000 websites use it. It offers impressive features to optimize WordPress for ranking on search engines.

Reasons to use Yoast SEO

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The search engine generally analyses the structure and quality of your web pages before ranking them in the search engine results. Therefore, the well-structured and optimized websites are more likely to rank higher, which is the only reason you need to refine your content for search engine optimization. Even though WordPress has search engine friendly functionality out of the box, it does not come with the required features to rank high on the search results. Therefore, a suite of SEO plugins is essential to help your WordPress site perform better. Yoast SEO is one of the most popular SEO solutions for WordPress; it specializes in optimizing on-page SEO by suggesting different modifications to the content for better searchability.

Some of the fantastic features of the Yoast SEO plugin are as follows

SEO analysis

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It includes a set of parameters that ensures that your content fulfils the best on-page SEO practices. The tools provide that your focus keywords are appropriately placed throughout the content. It uses colour code to indicate the optimization level and green for optimized while reading for under-optimized.

Search engine snippet preview

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It includes SEO title slug and meta description, and it reviews and customizes how your post will appear on the Google search results. Furthermore, desktop and mobile views are available for you to alter.

Content credibility

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It aims to help users create better content by analysing different factors from paragraph length to subheading distribution. It uses up Flesch's reading score.

Webmaster tool integration

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It connects your WordPress website with different tools like Google search console and Bing. It helps you analyse how well the website is doing on the search page. Hence you need to make adjustments accordingly and improve the SEO.

Tips for using Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress site

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Firstly you need to install the WordPress plugin and start by finding the used SEO in the WordPress plugin directly.

You need to go to the plugins and add new ones while typing Yoast SEO in the search bar on the WordPress Co dashboard. Then you need to click on the install now option and wait for the process to complete. Once the process is complete, you need to activate, and SEO section will appear on the left side of your admin dashboard this is where you will perform all the configurations and use the different features.

Import Data From Other SEO Plugins

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Suppose you have previously downloaded another SEO plugin and need to import the data or the configurations beforehand. In that case, you need to access your WordPress admin dashboard and go to the SEO tools.Furthermore, you can also import settings from the other active use Tesco installation. You can choose the import settings option and then continue by opening your exported text file while copying and pasting it into the provided field.

Run the Configuration Wizard

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Yoast SEO provides a configuration wizard that helps to set up the basic SEO foundation for your WordPress website. First, you need to set up the configuration wizard. It comes with different benefits like managing what to show in the search results and offering accurate meta information for the website to boost brand exposure.

Configure the General Settings

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The general settings tab is one of the best places to restore or modify the configuration wizard and some settings providers. In addition, there is always a problem section available that shows whether your website is facing any issues. Furthermore, recent updates are also available.


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The Yoast SEO plugins provide seamless with different 3rd party applications. In addition, the free version supports the SEM rush.

Set up the Webmaster tools verification

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The verifying process takes similar steps irrespective of the webmaster's tools that you would buy. Firstly, you need to go to your Google search console dashboard and navigate to the drop-down menu on the left sidebar and then click on the option to add property.Furthermore, you need to select your property type from the two options available.

Modify the search appearance options

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The search appearance refers to displaying the websites on the search results pages. Even though this setting is included in the configuration wizard, there is always a dedicated tab to modify the same.

The tab includes some fundamental settings at the configuration wizard, including the title separator meta description and others.

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