Top 10 Ways to Grow Your YouTube Channel in 2022

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There is no better time than now to understand how to promote your YouTube channel. For beginners, YouTube tends to be the second most visited site. You need to make the most of the promotional strategies if you want to stand out on YouTube. You are on the right page if you are looking for ways to grow your YouTube channels.

Some of the techniques to grow your YouTube channel is:

Come up with good ideas

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Firstly, you need to ensure that your channel has a central theme and needs to be interesting. Besides you, the theme must be fun for your audience also. It would be best if you thought about your viewers while creating any video. You need to ensure that the content you produce aligns with the wants of your target audience. you can take a look at your competitor's or other video content creators in the industry if you have just started to promote your YouTube channel.

Research for keywords

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The first thing you need to do is some content analysis to check if someone else is doing the same. The YouTube search rankings are likely to be based on some YouTube algorithms. The first page is quite competitive with a perfect turnover of new content coming in. you need to focus on getting your videos in suggested form.

Mingle with the YouTube community

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Though you might even think of YouTube as a social network. Still, the platform indeed has a thriving community where the target audience can engage through content via profiles, comments and likes. You can foster a strong connection by engaging your subscribers. Liking comments only takes a click of a button. YouTube is no different as you respond to comments and engage with your subscribers or followers on any social media platform.

Personalize thumbnails-

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One of the most effective strategies to promote your YouTube channel is coming up with customized thumbnails. You need to think of it as title and thumbnail as a punch to grab your target audience’s attention. YouTube is likely to snag a screenshot from any video and users for any given thumbnail. When you create thumbnails for yourself, it indicates professionalism and also makes the video look appealing. The best of all is that it is no rocket science to create thumbnails. You can easily do it with some specific font and style to make it consistent with your brand.

Cross-promote your YouTube videos

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There are chances that you are covering some similar content that will overlap with another one. You need to make a point to cross-promote your videos to squeeze all the older content. For instance, you can consider dropping some links in the video description and encourage your subscribers to check them in no time. You can term it as a call to action.

Focus on Google search results

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We aren't telling you to create videos for search engines, but you need to promote videos on YouTube channel, considering SEO at the back of your mind. It mainly goes without saying for product reviews and keyword specific topics.

Go for a giveaway

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The giveaway is one of the most things that Youtuber's love, so you need to host a contest or a giveaway that will encourage more and more people to subscribe to your channel. You can keep your contest simple by having people like, leave a comment and subscribe to your channel. However, it would be best if you were careful while hosting frequent contests though. You need to ensure that you get some results from your efforts and hard work, or else you will end up wasting a lot of time which doesn't make sense. After hosting one contestant, you need to wait for some time and keep a tab on the subscriber drop off rate and engagement ratio. It doesn't make sense to hold contests if you aren't bringing the desired number of subscribers.

Motivate your followers to follow your channel-

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One of the ideal ways to promote your YouTube channel is to create a channel which goes with prominent themes. Series are indeed a win-win deal for both viewers and creators. You can credit yourself for coming up with fresh content for creators, and you don't need to scratch your head for good ideas. On the flip side, viewers, have something to look forward to and also a reason to visit your channel frequently.

Keep your channel organized by creating a playlist

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It is challenging for people to go through your channel when you have several videos on your channel. The playlists mainly allow you to group your videos in various categories which appeal to your target audience.

Better engagement with calls to action-

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At times, asking for engagement is one of the best ways to get your videos the desired attention it needs. Not everyone who enjoys your video is going to like or comment on it, so it is pretty vital to put some reminders in the description box. There is no shaming to ask for some direct love if you are an upcoming ad channel.

Lastly, live video is one of the biggest social media trends, and it isn't going off soon. You can look at some prominent YouTube live videos to get some sense of how brands are performing on the platform.

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