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To get the optimum result and best ranking over the internet it is important for the SEO professional to make a winning strategy through brilliant keyword research. Keyword research is one of the most important parts of SEO project. In this phase, the professional makes a good research and come up with the trending keywords that can boost the ranking of the particular domain and its internal pages as well. As it is very important to find out the relevant keywords according to the existing competition, therefore they find to make the good keyword strategy to bring the domain on top ranking. As SEO result is based on the keyword strategy, therefore, it is important for the SEO professional to find the best keyword according to the business as well as competition. Some of the SEO Keywords Types are as follows: 

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Market Defining Keywords

Market-defining keywords are those keywords that define the particular business and give more priority to the business service. According to the target audience, market-defining keywords are important. These types of keywords are very broad and generic in nature. Therefore they are very hard to bring on top position. 

Customer-defining keywords

Customer defining keywords are those keywords that define the requirement of customers and that also grab the attention of the customers. 

Product Keywords

Product keywords are those keywords that define what businessmen should sell. These types of keywords are brand-centric such as Moto mobile, Cello Tiffin, Frooti Juice, etc. These types of keywords enable the businessmen to find which type of audience required to be targeted through SEO and other digital media promotions. 

Competing Company Names

There are a number of same kinds of business runs in the industry, to beat the competition and get the top ranking, brand name keyword promotion is required for the business. Therefore, the SEO professionals need to find the best brand competitive keywords that will eventually work in favor of the client. 

Types of Keywords

Geotargeted keywords 

Geotargeted keywords are those keywords that enable the businessmen to get the local ranking a great name and fame among the masses. Once the user started availing the service in a particular region, it certainly helps the businessmen to promote in rest of the targeted regions based on the result of a successful region.

These type of keywords enable the businessmen to decide what to promote, how to promote and where to promote because for every type of keyword promotion a different strategy is being used by the SEO professional. So, it is important to make a good analysis of business as well as keyword research to get the best solution.

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