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Twitter- one of the most famous social networking platforms to be followed by Indian and international people. An open-source to read the mind of the people who are active on Twitter. Politicians, Celebrities and well-known dignitaries, all love to tweets to share their opinions and feelings.

Now the question raises- How to become trendy on Twitter??

How to become trendy on Twitter

It seems difficult, but it is not impossible. Using appropriate hashtags will help you connect with the people, events, trends. Make sure to use the sweet and short hashtags which focuses on subject matters or something important. You just need to surf the right topic associated with more engagements.

Other Activities to stay Trending on Twitter Quickly-

Activities to stay Trending
  • Tweet Daily and Tweet Right:- Your tweets must be regular and Unique. It must have some information, knowledge or anything appropriate. Use the right hashtags as well to make it more trendy. The topics can be social, economic, logical or smile oriented as well. But make sure no to tweet the same topic again and again as it will create boredom.
  • Reasons for the Followers:- To connect with the huge audience, you must find a topic which can give a reason for the followers to follow the tweets. Likewise, Modi tweets on social welfare! Using proper hashtags highlight the topic Title and objectives.
  • Tweets & Re-tweets:- If you have the right topic, the followers will retweet the same topic and will make your tweets popular. Re-tweeting by the followers is the great response which can make you and your tweets trendy.
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Giving replies on re-tweets with using proper hash-tags also popularise the topic. Try to offer the give updates which are not available anywhere, especially on twitter. Fresh Topics and tweets receive better engagements and replies. You can even tag the people and agencies with maximum followers which can help you to make your tweets popular and to enhance the followers.

Important Points while using Hashtags on Twitter:-

Hashtags are better ways to capture the topic ad to drag the attention of the audience. To keep your conversation going, use hashtags and tag the right audience. Use simple words as the hashtags. To make your tweets and twitter account popular, use the given Hashtags Strategies:-

Hashtags on Twitter
  • Follow the use which maximum followers:- One may find the page or people having maximum followers say 50,000 or more. One may follow the user to check his tweet strategies and may use the hashtags according to his niche. Eventually, you will have to analyze the right hashtags boosting your tweets.
  • Use Unique Hashtags: Make your hashtag unique and meaningful. hashtags consisting of a message and information will have more views. Example, a tweet related to smoke, bearing hashtag #SayNoToSmoke is one of the simple and trendy hashtags.
  • Reason to tweet and re-tweet: Whatever Modi announces, it gives a reason for the user to follow him. Check the hashtags used. Select a trendy topic. For example, In the movie industry, we can tag the trendy movie say #MissionMangal to get more tweets and likes. Allow users to engage in those very topics by launching an open discussion. Check the example of recent tweets with maximum followers and users.
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