Write Effective Meta Titles & Descriptions

Write Effective Meta Titles & Descriptions

An effective meta tag is one what can drive more traffic to your site. SEO is tricky and keeps changing with updates in Google algorithms. But elements like meta title and meta description always plays a key role when it comes to search engine results. It has the potential to attract searchers and boost overall ranking of your site’s page if correctly optimized. Because, for logical reasons not many searchers go far down the page to find answers to their queries. So, a good descriptive and relevant meta description can boost your SEO efforts.

Effective Meta Titles & Descriptions

Before moving any further, let it be clear that the blue words at the top of every result on search engine result page are the “Title Tag” and the summary below it that describes the content of the web page are the “Meta Description.”

Writing effective Meta Title

The title of a web page is “Meta Title”. It is the bold element in blue in a search result. The importance of a title tag lies in the fact that it gives a concise description to the visitor and search engines about the content of a site. Points to keep in mind to write title tag for
your site page: –

  • The length of title tag should be 50-60 characters, including spaces.
  • Title tag should contain the keywords you want to rank
  • Include you brand name at end, if it is not part of keyword
  • Write one that is most relevant to the content
  • Use H1 tag differently and not with title tag
How to Write Meta Tags

Writing Effective Meta Description :-

The summary of web page content just below the meta title is “Meta Description”. A good meta description is a brief about the site page and can essentially increase the clickthrough rates. Points to focus to write an effective meta description: –

  • Keep it under 155-160 characters. A half-way sentence (if left) should compel the visitor to click to find the hidden emotion.
  • Tell the reader what you are offering and what they get if they chose you. Shortly, make your language action oriented.
  • Write informative and relevant description to avoid bounce rates.
  • Include your keywords but avoid over-stuffing.
  • Make use of active voice to hold reader interest.
  • Include structured data targeting Image, logo, reviews an ratings etc. It can bring more powerful results as per user point of view.
What are Meta Titles and Description
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