What is Bounce Rate and How to Fix it?

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When you stumble on the term bounce rate, you would be firstly confused. You would have plenty of questions at the back of your mind about whether the bounce rate is close to 100% excellent or wrong, or it is just like bounced email; what do you have to do about it? Fortunately, you are not alone. Several marketers have asked similar questions and have not found a solid yet. But under this guide, you can get answers to all your queries regarding the bounce rate or join the digital marketing course Gurgaon from DM Guru.

You Need To Know About the Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is ideally the percentage of people who land on your page and then leave. They do not even click anything on your website or visit the following page of your website. But you need to know that the bounce rate is entirely different from the exit rate. Bounce rates consider one-and-done visits which means the ones in which people arrive and leave the website without going through any other page.

Exit rates are a bit challenging; it includes the percentage of people who would leave the website from a given page, but that is not only the page they have visited on the website. The page they exited can also be the last in the long sequence of all the page visits. That is why the exit rate is not as troubling as the bounce rate. DM Guru is one of the best digital marketing institutes in Gurgaon that will help you learn more about bounce rate.

The Formula To Calculate Bounce Rate

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As the bounce rate is mainly the percentage of the visitors who visit only one page on the website, it would be calculated by dividing the total number of one-page visits by the number of visitors completely.

For instance, of 100 people who have visited your website, then only 10 of them will visit one page, and the bounce rate would be 100%. This number would change with time, so using the analytics provider will help you keep a tab on the changes, and it is beneficial for understanding how the bounce rate is affected.

How can you say the bounce rate is reasonable?

If you have recently looked at the bounce rate of a website, you might find yourself discouraged at the number, but if you then decide to look for an o percent bounce rate, you would probably find yourself even discouraged further. Anywhere between 26% to 70% is the average bounce rate, with an optimum range between 26% and 40%. It is unlikely that you will go below 20%, so if that is what you see on the data, it might indicate that you have to double-check some things, like the same court, which is implemented incorrectly, besides the add-on results, which can inaccurately report the bounce rate.

The average bounce rate can also change depending on the device that you are using. For example, mobile devices have the maximum bounce rate across different industries at 51%, while the average bounce rate for the desktop is around 43%.

High bounce rate

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A bounce rate, which is more than 70%, is above average, but it is not always essential to be on the high side until you reach around 56%. Suppose your bounce rate is above 90%, which is a significant cause for the alarm because it is ideally easy to decrease because there is something scaring people. Things including tracking code errors and bad compatibility browser design can also be the culprit. You should always be aware of the high traffic from paid ads or social media. Several mobile visitors can enhance the bounce rate.

How can you reduce the maximum bounce rate to the average bounce rate?

Generally, a high bounce rate might show that the page would be irrelevant or confusing to the site visitors. Still, you should not take drastic action, including deleting the page or undertaking the redesign. There are some steps you need to consider before figuring out which action to take. You must know that the bounce rate will tell you that someone has just landed on your website and they have just left you without visiting any other page.

Here are some practical steps you need to consider to examine other matrices of the web presence

Ensure that the website is mobile friendly

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Mobile users generally account for at least half of the web traffic. That makes it crucial to provide a mobile-friendly experience. Videos are another specific engaging type of content it can explain challenging topics consistently. But when it comes to using mobile usage, long videos would also require a considerable time of data and, therefore, minimize the experience.

Avoid any other disruptions which might hurt the user experience

Things including a full screen, for instance annoying, and also can lead to search penalties. You must consider the user that you want the visitors to be attracted to your page and stay for as long as needed to convert. Then you should always have a well-drafted website. It would be best if you avoided anything that will disrupt the user experience majorly in a way that might cause them to leave.

While learning about bounce rates, you need to ensure that you look at the complete picture. You have to take some time to look at the amount of time people spend on your website, where they are coming from, and the devices they are using. You might discover different patterns that will show how you can fix the bounce rate.

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