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In today’s time, most of the people are using their mobiles to search for anything on Google. Instead of opening a laptop or desktop, people feel comfortable in searching the content over a mobile device. However, our ranking system is still based on the desktop version of a page’s content to evaluate its relevance to the user. This issue can really bring trouble when the mobile page has less content than the desktop page as the algorithms are not evaluating the actual page which is seen by the mobile searcher. In order to overcome this problem, we are focusing to make the results more useful therefore it becomes essential to make experiments to index mobile-first.

Keeping mind the more use of mobile devices for diverse searches, Google has decided to come up with the listings based on the mobile version and accordingly create and rank its search. In order to make the results beneficial, the highly experienced Google team have begun experiments to make the index mobile-first. Till the experiment is going on, Google will continue to use the single index of websites and apps because the algorithms will eventually use the mobile version of a site’s content to rank pages from the site, it will be really helpful to understand the structured data and show snippets from those pages in our results. Once the experiment gets done complete, the professionals will take more time to continue to build a great search experience for all users be it for mobile or desktop devices.

Mobile indexing will be one of the best experiments of Google as it will be an important shift in the indexing. The professionals will continue the experiment for a month on a small scale and once the team gets satisfied with their experiment on which they are working hard, then the customer will give a great user experience. At present, the team is almost done and they are ready to begin the process, therefore the team has come up with some of the important recommendations that will certainly help webmasters prepare a more mobile-focused index.

google mobile first index 2018

If a businessman has a responsive or dynamic site then the primary content and markup are going to remain equivalent across mobile and desktop and professionals need not make any changes in it.

Whereas, if the site configuration where the primary content and markup is different across mobile and desktop, then professional needs to consider some changes to the website.

Other than these recommendations there are some more points to be considered such as follows:

  • Professionals need to make sure that he/she both have a structured markup for desktop and mobile version
  • Structured Data Testing Tool is available in the market to verify desktop and mobile structure
  • People must keep it in mind to avoid adding large amounts of markup while adding to a mobile site
  • Professionals must use the robots.txt testing tool to verify that your mobile version is accessible to Googlebot
  • Professionals need not change the canonical links as Google is going to use the same link as guides to serve the appropriate results to the desktop or mobile user
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