Difference Between Keyword Density and Keyword Stuffing

Keyword Density VS Keyword Stuffing

Before you understand what’s the difference between keywords stuffing and keywords density. It is really important to understand what SEO keyword is all about. SEO keywords are widely popular as the particular word, phrase, or sentence that makes the content visible over the web after its optimization. In simple words, SEO Keywords enable people to find relevant websites at diverse search engines. Therefore, in order to make the website visible over the web for the potential customers. It is important to understand what kind of keywords, phrase or sentence people use to find a particular product, service or information.

In order to make the website visible over search engines, many people do the wrong practice of using keywords. However, it is really important to understand the right ratio of keywords for better optimization or make sure to understand the difference between keywords.

What is Keyword Density?

What is Keyword Density

Keywords density refers to the number of times a keyword appears within content or web page in overall word count. Sometimes, people also referred to it as keyword frequency. The formula of Keywords Density is very simple and people can calculate it as “Keyword Density = 100 X Total Number of Keyword / Total Number of Words”. Apart from this formula, one should not forget the guidelines of Google that perfectly defines the statics or specific figure of keywords that content or web page contains. Otherwise, if general keyword density gets crossed from 2% then, it will be called as keyword stuffing.

What is Keyword Stuffing?

How to Stuff Keywords

Keyword Stuffing is an exercise through which professionals try to stuff lots of keywords in the content and make its probability higher to visible over the search engine. 10 years ago, keyword stuffing was one of the common practices that SEO professionals do, but nowadays, the strategy according to Google algorithms has been changed. Nowadays, it is specified that only one keyword can be used per 100 words. If professionals cross the keyword density then it will become keyword stuffing and it is not good according to the Google algorithms. Sometimes, Keyword Stuffing also becomes Keyword Clustering. It happens if SEO Professionals uses the keywords without any relevancy. If the relevant keywords are also used wisely along with relevancy, then it will be perfectly called as SEO-friendly content. Otherwise, it will be known as keyword clustering and stuffing. So, one should understand and avoid keyword stuffing to avoid being out of ranked from Google Ranking.

how to avoid keyword stuffing

One should keep in mind the differences, strategies of keywords and Google algorithms to avoid the keyword stuffing and maintain the ratio of keyword density. So, it is advised to go through each and every aspect of keyword density while making the SEO practice and perform better. Right SEO practice will help professionals to get better ranking and results in their SEO practice. So, follow all SEO strategies and Google Algorithms to get long-term visibility over the web. There are some tools through which people can find the best keywords to target the business and get best results in terms of ranking and conversions.

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