Major Google Algorithms Updates one Should Know!!

Google Algorithms Updates

We always talk about Google and Its Algorithms. Did we ever know, What are these updates and how did they work? What if we don't follow the updates ethically? How to get rid of the penalties if we miss any of the updates?

Google introduces updates on a routine basis so as to regulate the search engine smoothly and to stop the spamming. Some Algorithms have fewer effects where as some may shake the search engine completely. A digital Marketer can get better results in the form of ranking only after following these trends. There are various tools available to check the ranking, results, and bugs of the website. It is up to us to make manual research or to use some tools or software to ease our research work.

Let's have a brief note on the following Google Updates which are:-

1 Panda: One of the effective Algorithms of Google which focuses on the content quality. As we know, our ranking system based on the quality contents so one should avoid keyword Stuffing, Plagiarised or Copy Contents, Duplicate Contents and spamming. Panda assigns a quality score on all the web pages on the basis of the quality of the contents. Earlier, backlinks were the major concern to Bring the rank, but in the month of January 2016, quality contents were officially incorporated with Google Core algorithms and named as PANDA. Any avoidance of this policy may lead to penalizing the website.

Latest Google Algorithm Update

Penalised website can be recovered faster after checking for the plagiarised contents and improving the content quality. To follow this Algorithm ethically, One:

  • Should not use plagiarised, duplicate or copy contents
  • Should not use thing contents
  • Should avoid Keywords Stuffing

To perform this policy properly, one may use effective tools like

  • Copy scape and other free plagiarism checker tools available online.
  • Use original images on the low content website
  • Utilize Genuine or product description specific reviews on E-Commerce Website.

2 Penguin: Merely Creating a website is not enough, one needs to promote the same on different portals to get the right traffic and quality leads. Earlier, SEO was focused on creating numerous backlinks which encouraged Spammy data and irrelevant links. To stop or to control the spammy link building, Penguin update was launched on 24th April 2012. The motive of this update was down rank the sites which were involved in spamming and manipulative links. With the invention of Panda in 2016, it becomes more effective and emphasized on Content marketing.

Penguin Update

Do you know, creating misleading links may hamper the growth of the website so it becomes necessary to have an eye on the backlinks. This can be possible through:

  • Monitor Your Link Profile’s growth
  • Audit the website through backlink checker tools
  • checking self generated links which are now converted to dead links
  • Removing the links made on unethical or spam sites
  • Choose High PA & DA sites with low spam score
  • Always refer contents based Backlink sites

To rescue from the risks of Unstructured backlinks, follow the simple steps mentioned above. And always make a research before performing link building.

3 HummingBird: It also focuses on quality contents by avoiding keywords stuffing and low-quality contents. It's not similar to panda, but it supports Panda. Hummingbird algorithm helps the user to respond effectively for their search queries. Yes, It helps to find the right synonyms or matching content according to the search queries put by the user. Users and advertisers are not required to put the exact words in a search query or in the website content. Natural language processing relies on the Latent Semantic Indexing, Co-occurring terms & synonyms.

google update HummingBird

To use the hummingbird update effectively, one must:-

  • Make keyword research properly
  • Focus on the concept using the right contents
  • Incorporate Synonyms, co-occurring terms.
  • Take help of Google Search terms and planner

Keywords stuffing can never be an effective way to promote the site online, use LSI and natural contents machine to the website concept.

4 Pigeon: he purpose of this also is to check for the quality of On-page & Off-page set activities. The pigeon was launched on 24 July 2014 in the US & on 22nd December 2014 in UK, Canada & Australia. A pigeon brings the most effective results after checking the exact location factor. It brings the local algorithm closer to the core algorithm which helps to bring the rank local results. To make this factor effective, one most:-

Google Algorithm Pigeon
  • Use the most effective On-page strategies in the form of quality contents
  • Remove the web errors with the help of website auditor tools
  • To make the off-page strategies most effective, list your business in high PA & DA directories.
  • Analyze the competitors and follow the quality links only
  • take help of local SEO.

5 Mobile: Searches on mobile are maximum so the website should be mobile friendly and promotion should consider the mobile results first. The algorithm was launched on 21st April 2015 to keep a view on the mobile version page or mobile usability. If the website is not mobile compatible, it will hamper the mobile results or rank may go down. Mobile update (aka Mobilegeddon) emphasis on ranking the mobile pages first as compared to non- mobile friendly pages. To make this algorithm more effective, one should:-

Google Mobile update
  • Get the mobile friendly website
  • Improve the web page speed on mobile so that it could get loaded faster.
  • Prefer Static Website as compared to Dynamic with less scripts

User is required to keep a track on the page speed through page Speed Insights.

6 RankBrain: It is considered as the third most effective and important ranking factor in Google due to its features. It helps to find out the Poor UX, Shallow Contents and Lack of query-specific relevance features. It was launched on 26th October 2015 which is a part of Hummingbird. This machine learning system helps Google to understand the actual meaning behind the search queries. Almost everyone is unaware of its Ins & Outs yet it is an amazing query-specific ranking features which bring the relevant results in response to the search queries.

Google Update RankBrain

The better way to utilize this update is to use the quality and Unique contents under the website. To find the relevant contents, competitors analysis can be done.

7 Possum: The best way to improve your local ranking. Possum was launched on 1st September 2016 which gives you exposure to the local searches, The more closer to the location, the more likely to see the local results. If you are willing to enhance your local searches or looking for the effective ways to target local audience, you must follow the Possum feature effectively. To make this policy effective:-

Google Possum Update
  • make a research on you nearby locations and expand your keywords list accordingly.
  • Expand your business address carrying the details of local areas

People are using Google My business to target the local audience or radius marketing.

8 Fred: It works to find the contents which violates the Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. It was launched on 8th March 2017, to find the ad-centric contents or affiliate heavy contents. It works well for the blog sites having poor contents which are designed to earn extra income through affiliate marketing. To make this policy effective:-

Google Fred Update
  • Follow the Google search quality guideline
  • Remove the thin content
  • Use high quality & relevant information to target the right audience
  • Utilise advertisers’ specific contents using right information

To make your affiliate business effective via blogging, it is advisable to use the Fred Policy well.

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