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When you are coming up with a new website, you try to write the most captivating content and you spend a lot of time deciding the marketing techniques for the site. What you need to know here is that your keywords matter more than your content. The right keyword can help in the better marketing of your content. You should select the best keyword for your content, to do this there are several free keyword research tools. These tools give you a better understanding of what type of keyword can help you reach your target readers.

Google AdWords

Free best keyword tool

One of the most popular free keyword tools is Google AdWords. It involves easy ways for you to get information. It works in a few simple steps. Initially, you have to write the keyword and your product in the search box. You will then get several keywords from which you can select the one for you. Not just keywords, you will also see the average number of searches per month, the competition and the suggested bid. If you are using this tool then nothing can ever go wrong.

Google Correlate

Google correlate is another very efficient tool because it gives you results directly from the most used search engine. Through this tool, you get to see a long list of keywords and the keywords that are often searched with each other, therefore the name correlates.

Keyword In

Keyword Research

A keyword is a tool that is used when you need to combine with your keywords. When you write many keywords together and then click on the generate icon, this tool combines them and gives you a new keyword based on your information. It is considered to be the simplest keyword search tool ever. You can see more and more keywords when you change the seed keyword or the keyword that you entered.


Keyword find tools

Soovle, a free tool for keyword search offers the users an autocomplete list of suggested keywords. These keywords are not just from Google instead they are generated from a large number of sources like yahoo, Youtube, etc. initially the first step includes a selection of sources, where Google is by default. You can switch to other sources to get a more advanced look on keywords.

IMforSMB Bulk Keyword Generator

Best Keyword research tool

IMforSMB works better in local service and it gives a list of local keywords to you. to work on this tool you need to work stepwise. The first step is to select the type of your business, then go for service type. After you have selected the service, you can now enter the location for your service and click on generate keywords.


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Ubersuggest is another tool that is used by people who depend on Google keyword planner. This tool provides you with all the keywords and data that is required for you to carry out important decisions. Ubersuggest often gives you keywords that are not found on Google keyword planner, which is why it is always advisable to get a ubersuggest after Google keyword planner. With ubersuggest, you generate results in alphabetical order.

Wordtracker Scout

google keyword research tool

This tool is especially used by those who want to beat their competition by generating the best keyword. Wordtracker scout is specialized in providing in-depth keywords. When you install this extension, you can visit any of your competitor's web page and click on the W button. This will provide you with a lot of results. Wordtracker scout has a lot of unique features like-

  • Tracks the performance of the competitors
  • Easy and simple to work on
  • provides good quality keywords

WordStream Free Keyword tool

WordStream Keyword tools

More like a Google keyword planner this tool is more popular because of its ease. You first enter your keyword and then with that keyword, it generates a list of other related keywords that you can use. It offers additional services like when you enter your email address in this tool then you can receive the keywords directly in your emails too.

You will get a lot of keywords when you start with research tools, you must try as many tools as you can to get the best keyword possible. With the right keyword, your content will blossom and will boost your place in search engines.

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