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Business Listing: An Effective Way To Make A Business More Visible And Reachable

Gone are the days when people use to flip through the ages of business directory and yellow pages. Now, with advanced technology and use to the internet, everything and anything can found online. Therefore, the businesses list their information on internet sites. These sites are called a business directory or business listing sites. Here, one can find all types of businesses and their information about a particular area.  

What is a business listing?

To make the business more reachable by customers and other businesses, the entities are enlisted in the directories. Here, the general information is added and recorded, like:

  • Name of businesses
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Working hours
  • Website etc.

When a person is looking for information reading any kind of business, they look in directories. Before, these directories were offline, but now people search for info online in search engines. Therefore, these listings are now added to the online listing sites.

Businesses and business listings

In yesteryears, the businesses use to rely on various marketing strategies and methods to bring in more customers and to increase brand awareness. Some of these methods were like yellow pages, cold calling, brochures, newspaper ads, etc.  Though some of these are still helpful and viable, some have lost their charm and usefulness. This is the reason why online sites and lists are becoming more popular, as most of the customers and users are shifting to online platforms.

Off late, businesses are trying their best to not only reach more potential customers but also give provide their leads with accurate info. So simply having a business is never enough, as one should try to make their businesses more proliferate and present in the online avenues. These listings can help customers find a business easily and in less time.

There are several listing sites like business listing sites, review sites, social media, maps, directories, etc. which can be chosen from. Adding information, editing the information, and responding to queries become easier with these lists.

Free Business Listing Websites:

S. No. Sites PA/DA Remarks
1 Google my business 40/50 NoFollow
2 40/50 NoFollow
3 40/50 NoFollow
4 40/50 NoFollow
5 40/50 NoFollow
6 40/50 NoFollow
7 40/50 NoFollow
8 40/50 NoFollow
9 40/50 NoFollow
10 40/50 NoFollow
11 40/50 NoFollow
12 40/50 NoFollow
13 40/50 NoFollow
14 40/50 NoFollow
15 40/50 NoFollow
16 40/50 NoFollow
17 40/50 NoFollow
18 40/50 NoFollow
19 40/50 NoFollow
20 40/50 NoFollow

Why use business listings?

These listings are not just for putting a better first impression onto the customers. There are several other advantages of listing one's business on these sites like:

  • Better visibility: one of the best things about the listing sites and directories is that they can save a large amount of data related to thousands of business entities. This is the reason why they also have an advanced filter system. This makes it easier for the user to search for businesses in the local areas with much ease.
  • Better online presence: these days people tend to look for everything online, and therefore every business small or big should strive to increase their online presence. these listing sites allow the businesses to get searched easily. Also, these listings tend to share info, which means one can increase their online availability.
  • Better engagement: many times, people like to talk to the businesses before visiting them. This becomes easier if the business is listed and the phone number or mail id is given in there. Customers can talk and communicate with the business, and a positive impact can hasten the conversion. Also, the listings allow the businesses to clear the queries of the customers online.
  • Get more reviews: well, reviews can be either good or bad. Both can be useful in their own way. Listings allow the customers to leave their reviews, and this can be used for the betterment. If the review is bad, then it can be used to improve the service or product. Also, if the reviews are good then it can be a great way to market the business through word of mouth. Believe it or not, people tend to believe the reviews way faster than anything.
  • Better awareness: sometimes, the business can be small in size, and thus the presence of it in the local area may not be too great. The best way to do this is by listing the business in a directory, which makes it more visible. This makes the potential leads more aware of the business, thus increasing the customer base.
  • Better search engine presence: Being on the first page of the search engines can be one of the best things in the business marketing campaign. SEO can take up time and the results can only strat showing after some time and effort are spent on it. But, most of the major directories and listing sites are trusted by the major search engines. This makes it possible for one's business to show up on the search engine page.

Choosing a listing option

When it comes to finding the right listing site or avenue, there are plenty that can make one confused. These sites are generally divided into three categories:

  1. Online directories
  2. Yellow pages sites
  3. Social media platforms

There are several options in each category, and thus one should choose one or two platforms out of them carefully. There are a few things that will help in picking the right listing:

  • Popularity: always look for those listing sites and platforms which are more popular and effective.
  • Type of business: many listings are meant for a certain type of business and therefore the niche should be kept in mind.
  • Type of customer: if one is looking to bring in more social media users then, using social media listings options is a better choice. Therefore, it is important to take into consideration the type of leads and then pick a site.

How to list businesses effectively?

Usually, the first step is to search for the right listing platform and then create an account. After the account is created, it is time to add the details and information that will make it easier for the user to search the business.

One should all the relevant details like name, address, website URL, phone number, working hours, photos, business category along with the business description. Few things that should be taken of are like:

  • Make sure to fill all the fields that are given.
  • Keep editing and making changes and keep the info updated at all times.
  • Always use the correct phone number and address on the listing.
  • Use text and images relevantly. Replacing text with images is never a good idea.
  • Get more reviews from the customers to increase the validity of the listing.
  • Use the filters on various categories given on the listing sites to make the business more searchable.

A well-detailed listing will make it easier to get posted on search engines and social media pages. This will increase the chances of the business to be seen by more users, and thus will increase the sales.

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