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Free Image Posting Sites Are A Great Platform For Marketing

Companies and brands nowadays have to face fierce competition in the market. The competitors have increased so much in numbers that companies are now trying some out of the box marketing activities for gaining traffic online and making customers. Online presence is very important nowadays as maximum people are exposed to the online market nowadays. Image posting is a new out of the box marketing activity that companies often use for achieving their marketing goals. This activity has a lot of benefits to offer brands and companies.

What Exactly Is Image Posting?

Image posting can be regarded as a marketing activity which is also a very useful SEO strategy. It is a process in which one can post graphical pictures on certain websites providing the service of image posting. Brands usually post their brand or site images on these websites intending to gain referral traffic and generate leads. This process is referred to as one of the simplest and cost-effective methods for marketing. Many image posting websites are operating nowadays and many of them are very popular among people and thus offer greater scope for growth.

The image posting websites facilitate posting and managing of images either privately or publicly. Many of these websites are free to use hence are very beneficial for the companies. Also, many image posting platforms have come up nowadays and have given the businesses a chance to promote themselves in a unique way that can be very effective. Image posting service is available on websites as well as online applications. One can use any one of them as per their preferences.

This particular service has become very popular because of the main idea that is behind this service i.e. attention-grabbing capability of images. Images are no doubt more effective when it comes to grabbing the attention of people when compared to text. This idea has given rise to the popularity of image posting websites and has encouraged brands to make their audience aware through posting images carrying marketing content.

What Are The Key Aspects Of Image Posting On Websites And Apps?

Following are some key aspects which need consideration from the participants:

  • Selecting A Proper Image

One must select a proper image for posting. The image should be created such that it promotes the brand, its products and services. Also, the image should not be taken from any source.

  • An Accepted File Format

The brands and companies participating in image posting activity should post images that are in the most commonly accepted file formats. This would ensure better readability and interaction. If the image is not an acceptable image format, there are chances that people may not be able to access that image.

  • Posting An Optimized Image

The image chosen for posting must be optimized properly. Image processing time and quality of image both are very important aspects for a better impression on the audience. Image optimization ensured the image size is not so much that it takes more time to load without compromising the quality of the image.

  • Text Addition

Some text must be added to an image as an alternative text as it helps father more traffic towards the image. This point is usually neglected by the participants but shouldn't be done at all.

  • Giving A Proper Description

It is extremely important and beneficial to add a crisp description to your image rather than leaving your image alone. This will help in better SEO ranks. Also, ensure that the description isn't too long.

Free Image Submission Websites for SEO:

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How To Post Images On An Image Submission Website Or App?

Posting an image on a submission website requires no hassle at all. With a few simple steps, one can get along with this process quickly and easily. Firstly, one needs to choose an image submission platform that suits their needs. Secondly, one needs to register themselves on the website or app by providing a few necessary details like username and email address. Thirdly, when you get access to your account, post your optimized image in a common image format supported by an appropriate title and then provide the link to the business website you need traffic for. This is all one needs to do.

Nowadays, many such websites are coming up for facilitating businesses to exercise this SEO technique. Many websites seek registration from the user and there are also websites which don't need the user to register. One just needs to upload the image along with other necessities without registering. One can easily check for the most popular image hosting platforms online and get started with this very useful and cost-effective marketing and SEO technique.

What Are The Benefits Of Exercising Image Posting Service?

The following points mark the common benefits one gets by using this technique:

  • Creates Brand Awareness: A New brand who has just stepped into the market full of competitors needs to exercise various SEO and marketing techniques to gain traffic. Image posting can be a very useful technique for making the audience aware of your business or brand. Also, an established brand can make the people aware of their products and services through this.
  • Engages More Traffic On Websites: The fact that image posting services allow a business to add their link, business name and a short description does very well in engaging traffic on their website.
  • Promotes Customer Engagement: Image Posting websites have various features through which businesses can engage their customers and build a good impression on the posting website itself. This is done by generating feedback through comments and generating a good following on the business account
  • Generates Leads Through Word-Of-Mouth: When a business pins an image on any posting website and the users like it, they can repin the image which works exactly like a word-of-mouth promotion. This type of promotion can generate a large number of leads.
  • Effective Content Marketing: Image Submission techniques if used carefully, can play an important role in promoting effective content marketing of a business website which is very important for ranking high in search engine results.

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