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Google Maps is a desktop as well as mobile web mapping service function and technology offered by Google, providing satellite descriptions, street maps, and Street View perception, as well as tasks such as a route planner for travelling it can be by walk, car, bicycle (beta test), or with any public transportation. Also supported maps are entrenched on third-party websites through the Google Maps API and a locator for city businesses and other association in many countries all around the world. Google Maps satellite images are not well updated in real time; though, Google adds information to their main Database on a usual basis. Google earth support declares that many of the images are no more than 3 years old, while a view the satellite images from diverse areas which are not western capital cities propose the data is 4-5 years old.

Data is considered as much older than on Bing maps. The opt-in redesigned description of the desktop request has been accessible since 2013, along with the "classic" (pre-2013) version. The redesigned version was met by customer disapproval regarding slowness, hitting some ordinary functions, removing an extended bar, and lack of few other features that comprise My Places and sharable modified links to parameterize split Street View and Map views. It is probably to switch back to its old version. Google Maps uses a close difference of the Mercator projection, and consequently cannot precisely show areas around the poles. An associated product is Google Earth, a separate program which provides more globe-viewing sorts, involving viewing polar areas. Google Maps for mobile is the world's most well-liked app for smartphones, with more than 54% of worldwide smartphone owners using it at least once throughout the month of August 2013.

Google Maps provides several services as part of the larger Web application, as pursued. A route planner gives proper directions for drivers, bikers, walkers, and user of public transportation who want to acquire a tour from one precise location to another. The Google Maps application program interface (API) creates it probable for Web site managers to implant Google Maps into a proprietary website such as a real estate guide or area service page. Google Maps for Mobile provides a location service for motorists that exploits the Global Positioning System (GPS) location of the mobile tool (if available) along with information from wireless and cellular networks. A Google map also becomes the most powerful source of Digital Marketing Services while allocating company address at right place.

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