What is Digital Marketing?

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is the only source through which we can promote any of the product or services online. Nowadays, people are more into online research, be it buying any product or services, be it buying a home or cake, they usually make the research online through Mobile & Desktop. No doubt, the Internet plays a significant role in digitalizing the platforms. Approx 80-90% people avail the various services through digital sources only such as Online shopping, ticket booking, Bills payments, Phone recharges, Online transactions and much more. Now a question raised- what exactly is Digital marketing?

To market the products or services online through digital sources is called Digital Marketing in which the internet plays a significant role. It is an effective way to reach a new audience online and this is also called Online marketing. It took time to get implemented. in 1980, some initiatives were taken to implemented but failed, so in 1990, Digital marketing was successfully used. Be it individual, small enterprises or big companies, Digital marketing helps to reach people within less period of time. So it is an innovative technology to reach the maximum people.

What is the Importance of Digital Marketing?

What is the Importance of Digital Marketing?

To sustain in the modern world, we should adopt the new modalities and Digital marketing is one of them which is used at a great extent with the help of internet. People have less time and less willingness to spend on marketing activities. In fact, to spare the time for the meeting is still not possible. On the other hand, Digital Marketing or Online marketing enables the one to get connected through social networking sites, while performing other chaos. While looking at the ease, cost effectiveness and time factors, the use of Digital marketing have been gradually increasing.

Digital Marketing enables the entrepreneur and customers both to work with great comfort. People may boost their business without selling the products or services in the market physically. Just Google online and get the things which you are looking for. In short, Digital Marketing:-

  • Saves time
  • Saves Money
  • Increase effectiveness
  • Provides measurable results
  • Connect the Buyers and sellers easily

In Short, Digital Marketing is the only source which may bring better results within less spending.

The Demand of Digital Marketing in Present & In Future

Demand of Digital Marketing

We have witnessed too many changes in the last years and these changes are universal. There was a time when things were sold through the barter system and nowadays, everything is available online with the use of the internet. The Internet has connected the people residing worldwide which was not possible earlier. The Internet is the only source which establishes the perfect coordination between seller and buyer through regular follow-ups and effective communication.

The effectiveness of Digital Marketing can be seen with the fastest selling of products or services. Earlier, Manufactured products kept lying under the warehouses for long in damaged conditions. To sell the products, offline advertisements were used which were expensive and reach was limited. Nowadays, reach is wide and optimum with the help of various search engines like Google, Facebook, Youtube etc. Products are more visual to the right audiences and fastest delivery is possible to them with the help of online payment. So no physical movement is required.

With Money back, guarantee, easy replacement, and return policy, Selling the products are more effective. Digital Marketing based on the statement-“What people see is what sells”. People are so much aware nowadays that no user or entrepreneur can disclose false information on the web world. With the help of Cyber policies, fake profiles get banned by the search engine with the complaints of the audience or user.

Even in Future, Business will more depend on online visibility and overall efficiency. In fact, advanced customization features will enable to render the right information with the right products & services.

Different Aspects of Digital Marketing

Different Aspects of Digital Marketing

No Digital Marketing is possible without the Internet and this is the reason, it is called “Internet Marketing”. The motto is to sell the products or services online and this is why it is termed as “Online Marketing”. Digital Marketing is not based on a single module or strategy, it is the combination of various technical and non-technical compliances which are:-

    Digital Marketing strategy
  • SEO Or Search Engine Optimization
  • SMO or Social Media Optimization
  • Email Marketing
  • Video Promotion
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • PPC or Pay Per Click
  • ORM or Online Reputation Management

  1. SEO: It is a technological source of promotion in which a website is optimized, according to the search engine algorithms and using relevant keywords. SEO is the sum up of various On-page & Off-page activities which helps to bring the website on the top page to gather more traffic and to generate quality leads.
  2. SMO: Social Media is the only source to connect the various people effectively through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and much more. These sites are now widely used with the purpose of business promotion. Advertisers may advertise their business and products via display advertisements on several intervals which is an effective way to increase the reaches and to generate the leads at the cost-effective condition.
  3. Email Marketing: To get the companies’ products information in the inbox is the job of email marketing. Whenever any company launches new products or services or some offers, it may prefer to send the information via emails in bulk which is possible through Email Marketing.
  4. Video Promotion: If we talk about Video promotion, Youtube is the only channels through which you can promote any of the products or services due to its high traffic ratio. Showing the advertisements on Youtube videos engage the viewers or users to buy or avail those products or services. In fact, it is a better source of branding.
  5. Affiliate Marketing: Do you remember the time of word-to-mouth marketing!! Affiliate Marketing is the type of marketing through which every affiliate marketer may get some bonus or profits on every sale. If you are having some Youtube channel or Blog website with huge traffic, you may endorse the link of the advertiser and may get profit on every sale.
  6. PPC or Pay Per Click: To bring the organic results may be time-consuming, PPC is the only source through which marketer can get the instant leads on the payment of every click. It works on every click payment module and it is measurable as well. Start-ups may take help of PPC services to get the instant leads to run their business at the initial level.
  7. ORM or Online Reputation Management: Designing the website and getting the top position is not enough, One should have overall positive online visibility. A single negative review or feedback may affect the website performance adversely. So knowledge of ORM services will let you to build a positive brand and to push back the negative reviews.
  8. Apps Marketing: App is the only source through which you can stay in someone's mobile phone and can buy the services any time. The use of an app is increasing day by day. once the company is well established, they make an app and promote through the same such as Amazon, Paytm, Flipkart etc.

How to use Digital Marketing through third-party resources?

How to use Digital Marketing

Promoting own site can be time-consuming and money investing as well. To lower the cost and to get effective results, Digital Marketing can be utilized through other sources as well.

  • Sending the company brochure or information booklet through the newsletter
  • Posting the content or advertising on high traffic websites
  • Following the attribution model which helps to get the information on high traffic website and highly profitable business. Some tools can be used to know the interest of the audience.

Whatever you do online, just make sure to use the ethical ways only to build a long lasting trust. If you are serving well to your clients, you can sustain the business for the long term with the growth rate. One must build such credibility that a buyer could buy the product immediately after watching the advertisement.

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Digital Marketing is the cost-effective and time-saving source of marketing which helps to grow the business. It maintains the better and direct coordination between the seller and consumer. Digital Marketing is a unique invention of modernization. So use it and implement it effectively and ethically!! Happy Digitalization!!

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