Learn How to Speed Up Wordpress and Reduce Loading Time of the Website

Speed Up Wordpress

Having a high-speed WordPress website is very crucial to make sure that you are not losing visitors. If you visit a website and it is taking a long time to load, the chances are that you will leave and this leads to major loss of traffic and ultimately it affects the sales. Also, the low speed of website loading time can lower the google and other search engine ranks. This is caused because of the hiked bounce rate. Like the bounce rate increases, the search engines take note of the websites as a low-quality one that needs to be downranked. Therefore it is crucial to learn how to speed up WordPress & reduce loading time.

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Up to date tech

It is always important to make sure that your website technology base is updated and is working just fine. Make sure that the new versions of PHP and HTML are installed, as this will makes sure that all new features and improvements are taken advantage of. this is will overall increase the speed of the website. Also, new updates have better security features that make sure that the website and its information are well-protected at all times.

Good hosting

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One of the biggest factors that affect the speed of a website is hosting quality. one can find cheaper hosting offers and expensive ones as well. but it is to be kept in mind that when it comes to hosting, one will get what they are planning to spend. Try to avoid hosting that is shared as it can compromise with speed and performance. also if the budget is not too high, then a dedicated server can be too much to handle. So to find a middle ground you can choose VPS hosting which is not too cheap, has good performance and speed to offer.

Latest WordPress

latest versions on wordpress

It is important to keep the CMS and plugins well updated as they come for a reason. Performance of the WordPress components affects the speed of the website largely and having updated ones will only enhance the overall speed. Also, the new updates bring in new big fixes, find new vulnerabilities and add new features that can have a good effect on the worse.

Monitoring and database maintenance

When it comes to keep the website running at a good speed and give out good performance it is important to do some monitoring and maintenance work on it. keep the database maintained and remove data that is unsued or is bogging the disk space. Also, make it a point of fact that things need to be monitored reading the website at all times. proper monitoring tools can beused to check the speed and reasons behind the slow performance. this will help in making the corrections in time.

Optimized images and a good theme

The way a website loads and perform has a lot to do about what all things are there on the website. Using a code-heavy theme with various features can simply make the website work slow. Therefore find lightweight and easy to use themes that have only necessity plugins and features. Also, try to keep the images compressed and optimized for the website. Heavier the pictures are lesser the speed. So use compression tools and software and make them small but without lacking on the quality.

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