Common Mistakes While Working on Google AdWords

Google AdWords Mistakes

Everyone knows that Google is the King of the internet and to have the brand existence or presence over the web a number of practitioners work under certain rules, regulations, and algorithms set by the Google itself. 2 Decades ago there was no way of promoting the business other than the organic method of Google i.e. SEO. But, as the demand of brand existence has emerged and people are active and wish to have their brand existence over the web, then Google has emerged with Google AdWords, which is a paid marketing platform and through this tool, businessmen can get an instant result over the web.

Using this tool is a bit complexed and there are very few people who have proper knowledge and understanding to use the Google AdWord and promote their brand over the web without making any loss. Therefore, people commonly make some mistakes that lead to their Google AdWord campaign in a big trouble and no such good result occurs as promised by the tool. Therefore, it is essential to understand those common mistakes and then practice the Google AdWords to promote the business.

adwords mistakes

Not including negative keywords

Make sure to do not use the negative keywords as it is not going to favor your campaign at all. If you are businessmen of selling bags and you want to run an ad then your keywords must be “high-quality luxury handbags” or “best luxury handbags in Delhi”. Such keywords will keep the campaign up and more and more customers will click the ad. If someone is searching with a keyword “luxury handbags scam”, however in your keyword there is no such term scam, but still, your ad will appear on the first page, do you know why? Well, because of the other keywords that the person has searched which include “luxury handbags”. You might get a lot of traffic even if you haven’t use the negative keywords because of using the positive keywords. Choosing the right keywords is really important, you may fail at times, but need not worry because failure will bring you the experience to practice right things next time.

Sending traffic directly to your homepage

If you want to send your customers directly to the homepage, by your ad then you are practicing wrong because, sending the customers directly to the homepage will mislead them and make them search the particular product on the homepage, instead of finding the right ad. You are paying for the advertisement, not for sending the customers to the homepage. So, stop doing it from the next time because it not only misleads the customers, but it eventually gives a high bounce rate that increases the expense of the ad. So, sending the traffic to the homepage must be avoided.

Putting a LOT of keywords in an ad group

If you are thinking to use all important keywords in the same campaign or ad then it will go to make your ad irrelevant. Using approx. 10 keywords at the most in a single ad group will not go to help you as it is going to make your customers confused about what you want to show them exactly. The ideal way to run the PPC ads is to work on 10 campaigns by using 2-3 important keywords. This will eventually help the customers to be focused on the targeted keywords or ad and their clicks may convert. The specific and targeted will help the professional to get more profit instead of running an ad with a lot of keywords and confusing the potential customers.

Not rotating ad variation displays evenly

If you have made the variation of the same and then it is important to manually check it by split testing that which ad you want to run primarily otherwise Google will do it on behalf of you. If you are not aware of rotations, then make sure to follow the below-mentioned steps such as follows:

Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Rotate Indefinitely.

These steps will help you to identify that which ad should go live and which will go to get the better visibility. So, make sure you follow it for better benefits.

Ignoring Measuring ROI

Are you really not measuring the ROI? Well, if you are not measuring ROI, then it is a big loss for you because you are not working on how many of the paid clicks are converted into customers then there is no use of investing into a campaign as you are unable to evaluate how good your campaign was and what’s its profit. It is important to keep the track record of conversions via an AdWords click as out of them, few people may become the paid customers and it will help the company to have a better and more focused ad budget for future campaigns. The evaluation will also help the professionals to understand that which keyword worked best for them and which are still left to begin the AdWords Campaign.

Targeting a broad set of keywords

As the campaign of PPC is quite expensive, therefore it is recommended to make a set of keywords o which you want to bid and start running the campaign. One must collect the data from the web analytics to find the right set of keywords on which you have to work. Wasting money on poor or non-targeting keywords will be a foolishness. Therefore, make sure to get the best evaluation and write data on the basis of which you can work and get a higher ROI. Targeting the right keywords of the business should be the motive of the professionals. So be careful while choosing the keywords and preparing the campaign. It will definitely work for you in a positive way.

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