Google AdWords Vs Facebook Ads

Google and facebook ads Which One is Best

Google and Facebook are the two renowned platforms that emerged as the great platforms for business promotions. Both these platforms provide a great leverage to the businessmen as they can use their platforms to promote their business and gain maximum visibility across the nation or world. The promotion of business via Google and Facebook increases the leads and sales of the professionals and enables the brand to have number of customers. These platforms not only strengthen the brands to achieve maximum profit from their ads, but they certainly help the brand to get popularity as well. And once the brand become popular among the potential customers then, one cannot stop the brand to attain more and more business. The brand will even get a remarkable return on their advertising spend.

What Are The Differences Between Google AdWords and Facebook Ads?

Google AdWords

Google AdWords is world’s largest and most popular PPC advertising platform which used by a large number of companies. This advertising is also popular as AdWords or Paid Search. The paid search advertisement is based on specific keywords and it is a text based advertisement. There are many advertisers that uses bid on target keywords, specific words and phrases along with search queries in hopes to get maximum calls or queries against the same. And whenever the ad is being clicked by the target customer, the advertiser is being charged a certain amount of money and hence the name of this type of advertising is known as pay-per-click advertising. PPC bidding and bid optimization has become a complicated topic through which professionals can easily find the new customers based on the keywords and search terms.

Facebook Ads

Facebook is one of the great platforms of paid social marketing. It is a platform that enables the businessmen to target their customers on the basis of what people are searching or behaving online. The major difference between Google AdWords and Facebook Ads is that AdWords helps you find new customers whereas facebook marketing helps customers to find the right place to purchase the goods and services. Facebook gives a high competition to many businessmen using digital advertising strategies. Facebook not only promotes the brand among the target customers, but it also compels them to find the right place or brand for the purchase.

Why is Facebook good for advertising

Advantages and Disadvantages of Google AdWords

  • An Immense Audience
  • A Level Playing Field
  • A Wide Range of Ad Formats
  • Allows ads to target specific search keywords and queries Geographical targeting
  • Flexible budget
  • Ideal for direct-response campaigns
  • Provides good volumes of conversions
  • Click costs can be costly 
  • Not effective for cross selling or substitute selling

Advantages and Disadvantages of Facebook Ads

  • Unparalleled Audience Granularity
  • An Inherently Visual Platform
  • Incredible ROI
  • Allows the broadcasting of advertising to reach specific audiences
  • Great range of display ad formats which are very engaging
  • Good for direct-response campaigns
  • Cost-effective and relatively cheap
  • New ads need to be created on a regular basis
  • Becoming more competitive as more advertisers are coming to Facebook
  • Advertising platform interface can be confusing
  • Users can comment on your ads
Facebook Ads

Both these types of Advertising platforms are quite effective and it helps the professionals to promote their brand and also get maximum profit out of it. So, professionals who were confused to choose the best platform among these brands, they can understand that these advantages and disadvantages along with major differences and later take the call of chosing any of these platforms. Both these platforms enable the brand to promote them and get maximum benefit, popularity and beat competition at a great extent. So, start promoting your brand with any of these platforms and take your business ahead.

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