Factors to Improve Your Google Business Profile Ranking

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Today, every company needs to be targeted by Google presence. The majority of businesses are aware that they must optimize their websites and Google Ads, but most are unaware that a third entity, their Google business listing, also has to be optimized. This powerful listing, sometimes referred to as your Business Profile, is a dynamic representation of your business that highlights your best attributes and enables potential customers to find you, learn more about you, and get in touch with you straight from the SERP. What's best? It is totally free.

Not nearly enough businesses are utilizing all of Google My Business's impressive features, which is the real issue. This article addresses this issue. We'll go over these optimization strategies here:

  • Make your business profile your own.
  • Your Google My Business account must be fully completed.
  • Pay great attention to your contact information.
  • Give a thorough description of the company.
  • Select a category.
  • Weekly Google post-publication
  • Make sure Google Maps can see your GMB listing.
  • Weekly fresh pictures upload
  • Answer inquiries
  • Collect and respond to reviews
  • Include your merchandise and/or services
  • Configure messaging
  • Keep your business profile current

Your Business Profile can become the best free customer acquisition tool you never knew you had with the help of these optimizations. Let's get started.

How does optimized Google Business Profile look like?

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Before we get started on the strategies, let's clarify what an optimized Business Profile looks like and why you need one. Let's compare an incomplete Google Business Profile to a complete and optimized one to help you visualize what you're aiming for and why.

Why is optimizing your Google Business Profile important?

The comparison above shows that a well-optimized Google Business Profile helps consumers choose your company over competitors, but there are other advantages to optimizing your Business Profile for effective local marketing.

Increase participation:

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Consumers are increasingly entering and exiting Google without visiting any other websites. Why? The results of the poll, and the results of the poll, and the results of the poll, and the results of the poll, and the results of the poll, and the results of the poll, and the results of the poll With potential customers interacting with your company through your Google Business Profile rather than your website, you'll want to make sure that profile is optimized for quality engagement and conversions.

Enhance your local ranking:

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Business profiles are ranked by Google using an algorithm that takes into account activity and information quality in addition to proximity and relevance. By optimizing your Google Business Profile, you are sending these signals to Google, which will help you rank higher in local searches. As you know, a higher rank means more visibility and engagement with your company.

Increase your customer conversion rate:

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It's difficult to attract customers using just a standard Google Business Profile. If they know to search for your business name in the first place, they can learn where you are located and read your reviews. Customers can locate you in keyword searches, contact you, visit your website, learn more about your products and services, view/contribute to FAQs, request quotes, schedule appointments, make reservations, and more if you have a well-optimized business profile through your Google My Business account. Additionally, you can use Google Analytics and UTMs to track clicks to your menu link, website, or appointment.

How to improve the effectiveness of your Google Business Profile

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It's time to start working on optimizing your Google Business Profile now that you understand how important it is to appear in local search results, stand out from the crowd, and attract customers online. Here are some ideas for transforming your Google Business Profile into a 24-hour marketing and lead generation machine for your local business.

Make your business profile your own

It's crucial to remember that a Google Business Profile and a Google My Business account are two distinct things in this situation. The former is optimized and accessed through the latter. This means that in order to carry out the optimizations described in this guide, you must first set up a Google My Business account and then request that it be linked to your Google Business Profile. To register, visit Google.com/business and sign in with the regular Google/Gmail account you use for business (as opposed to your personal Gmail, if you have one).

Your Google My Business account must be fully completed

The more information you provide in your Google Business Profile, the more likely it is that customers will take action after finding your profile and, consequently, help Google rank you higher in local search results. Here are some rules for prioritizing since there is a lot of data to present.

You must immediately complete the following elements of your profile:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Website
  • Hours
  • Attributes and Categories
  • Goods and services
  • From the business
  • Reviews
  • Posts
  • Answers to questions (Owner-generated queries)
  • Questions and Responses (Consumer-generated)

Pay great attention to your contact information

The following steps can be used to improve the contact details in your Google Business Profile:

  • Make sure the name of your company and the name that appears on store signage are the same. To put it another way, exactly as it appears in the real world. If you include a location name or keywords (aside from those that are already in your brand name), Google may penalize you.
  • Ensure that your company name and address exactly match all of your online listings.
  • Specify your business hours, including any holidays. This promotes customer traffic while also preventing the possibility of a bad review from a customer who traveled to your store only to discover it was closed.

Give a thorough description of the company in your writing

Google does a decent job of coming up with descriptions. In your Google My Business account dashboard's "from the business" section, you do have control over the description. This section usually appears below the reviews section in your profile, lower down.

  • Use all 750 characters, concentrating the most important information in the first 250.
  • Use search terms that your target market uses to find companies like yours.
  • Don't repeat any details that are already included in your profile's other sections. Use this section to discuss what distinguishes you from competitors and what customers appreciate most about your company.
  • Leave out HTML and links.

Select a category

To make your Google Business Profile as effective as possible, you must select a category. The right categories must be selected because Google only offers a certain amount of categories. Following are some tips for using categories to enhance your Google Business Profile:

  • Be precise: Once you begin typing, a drop-down choice of categories will display; however, you can also view a complete list of GMB categories (there are over 3,000 categories).
  • Select secondary categories. Many companies fit into several different categories. Set your major category to reflect your main service (such as "Grocery Store"), and then select any applicable other types, such as "Grocery Delivery Service" or "Gourmet Grocery Store."
  • Don't go overboard. Selecting just categories that correspond to your service's offerings will help Google link you with customers who need your help. For instance, if your company specializes in appliance repair, choose "Appliance Repair" and not "Appliance Parts Supplier." Although it's true that you technically provide service parts, your company doesn't provide this as a stand-alone service. (Tip: Products and characteristics are independent sections; don't mistake them for categories.)

Additionally, be aware that if you update or add additional categories, Google may request verification of your business. To make sure accuracy is maintained across the board, just.

Weekly Google post-publication

You can post information about announcements, offers, events, and products to your Google Business Profile, just like you can on social media sites. Posts are created on your Google My Business dashboard and show up in the "Updates" section at the bottom of your business profile. However, they could become more noticeable depending on the search query.

You can optimize your Google Business Profile by doing the following:

  • When users find your profile, they are more likely to take action. Just like adding photos, frequent posting informs Google that you are a valuable resource.
  • Consumers are more likely to interact with your Google posts because they are more likely to do so than they are on other posting platforms (such as Facebook and Instagram, where they are idly scrolling).
  • Customers can sign up for updates and notifications of new posts on your business profile.

Make sure Google Maps can see your GMB listing

Your GMB listing(s) have automatically been updated on Google Maps. Having your business listed on Google Maps (and with the most current and accurate information possible) can make it easier for potential customers to find you.

Weekly fresh pictures upload

For the following reasons, it's crucial that you upload photos to your Google My Business account dashboard:

Ensure excellence Since anyone can upload photos to your business profile, you'll find a variety of quality. You can make your profile look its best by uploading your own great photos.

Take action Regularly adding photos shows Google that you are updating and maintaining your profile, which benefits your ranking.

Obtain images in the results Google is getting better at recognizing images and has begun to add photos to local results.

Increase participation Customers are 35% more likely to click through to a business's website and 42% more likely to ask for driving directions if it has photos in its Business Profile, according to Google.

Use the following advice to make the most of your photos in your Google Business Profile:

  • Every week, you should upload at least one new image.
  • Include your company's logo in the thumbnail.
  • Use a picture that best represents your brand as your cover photo, but don't worry about it too much because Google will show different feature photos depending on the search query.
  • In addition, make sure to include team photos, happy clients, interior and exterior views, and other general photos as specified in Google's photo guidelines.
  • No stock images, no branded images, and no photos with effects. Google tries to portray your business as it would seem in the real world as accurately as possible.
  • Put your attention on high-quality pictures with precise representations (to align with image-enriched results).

Answer inquiries

The answers to the questions might influence a customer's decision to choose your company. But it's crucial to optimise this section because anyone can post a question to a company's Google profile, and anyone can also respond. This may result in inaccurate information being posted on your profile, or worse.

The Q/A feature of your business profile cannot be disabled, but there are ways to make it more effective:

  • Create alerts to keep track of the questions and answers that are posted to your profile.
  • Create your own FAQ section. Make a list of the frequently asked questions that your company receives. After that, post an inquiry, a response, and an upvote on your own profile. The terms and conditions of Google are not violated by this. Google, in fact, encourages it.
  • Remember to keep keywords in mind. Keyword-rich questions and answers can help boost the ranking of your Business Profile for that keyword. Therefore, when seeding your Q/A section, keep your keyword strategy in mind. However, use keywords judiciously, naturally, and without stuffing the section.
  • By keeping an eye on and seeding your Q/A section, you can accurate information, illustrate your best qualities, and lower typical entry barriers.

Collect and respond to reviews

Which business would you pick if you were given a list of options similar to the one below in search results? Which one, out of the two below it with no reviews at all, has four lovely yellow stars?

Reviews are the top factor in consumer purchasing, and Google is aware of this, making them a key ranking factor in their algorithm. You can also verify for yourself how reviews affect ranking. The first three local results that appear for most Google searches are those with multiple reviews and solid star ratings:

Use these tips to set your Google Business Profile with reviews apart from the competition.

  • To get things moving, start with your most devoted and enduring customers.
  • Create a link to a review shortcut to make it as simple as possible for customers.
  • Ask! If asked, 62% of customers will leave a review. Use email, text, social media, and in-person conversations to accomplish this.
  • Make a page on your website titled "Reviews" and include a request for people to submit one.
  • Reaction to reviews, this feedback encourages more customers to leave theirs, tells potential customers a lot about your company, and helps your local SEO.
  • Remind customers that evaluations aren't just for you; they also aid people who share their problems to find a solution and make wise choices.

Include your merchandise and/or services

If your business name does not make it clear what you offer, adding products and services can be especially useful. Adding content to this section can also improve your profile's ranking for more pertinent searches.

Include any more items or services with their name, description, and price (if applicable). When a user clicks on the item in the search results, the complete description will appear. Additionally, Google might include links to your products in its category section.

Configure messaging

Through this function, users of Google Business Profiles have the option to text-message you directly from your profile. Customers now have an excellent opportunity to contact you because 82% of smartphone shoppers (and 92% of millennials) use their device for local searches.

This is available for download through the Apple App Store or Google Play. To enable messaging, choose the "Messaging" tab in your Google My Business dashboard.

Two points regarding messaging in Google My Business:

  • Since you'll use a different number with Google's Allo app, you don't need to be concerned about disclosing your personal phone number.
  • Remember to configure message alerts in your Google My Business dashboard.

Keep your business profile current

As you can see, maintaining a Google Business Profile requires ongoing effort. It's a local marketing technique that needs constant attention in order to boost your internet visibility and maximize your advantages. This includes:

  • Updating data, even if it's just a tiny suite number change.
  • Weekly uploads of new blog posts and photos.
  • Maintaining a constant flow of reviews coming in.
  • Review monitoring and response.
  • Keeping up with new features can help you make sure you're making the most of your profile.

Similar to any Google SEO strategy, your Google My Business approach should be focused on giving as much high-quality information about your company as you can, not only in your Business Profile but also in the sources that Google uses to populate it—your website, review site profiles, and even your social network accounts. Although we will never be able to fully understand every single ranking criteria, we do understand their main objective, which is to guide searchers to the finest company for their requirements by providing them with accurate, reliable information. In order to maximize the benefits of Google My Business, concentrate on using the dashboard to make your Business Profile as complete and accurate a representation of your company as you can. Then, be sure to keep this up.

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