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best seo learning center in Delhi
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best seo learning center in Delhi

Through our SEO Certification Training, you may hone your skills to become an expert in all facets of search engine optimisation. Research, technical SEO, link building, and analytics are just some areas you'll gain exposure to throughout this SEO training course in Delhi. Our SEO certification training in Delhi will teach you the benefits of integrating data, analytics, content marketing, and proficiency with HTML and technical site optimisation, making SEO a marketing discipline that is both challenging and valuable.

DM Guru SEO Course Training in Delhi provides prompt support in creating and implementing solutions for organisations. By utilising dynamic scenarios and real-world examples, you may learn how to align essential tables, control knowledge authorisation security, and administer employee knowledge within the system. This will help you meet the requirements to earn your SEO Course Training Specialist certification. Our SEO Training Course is designed to deliver comprehensive instruction that is both engaging and useful.


SEO is one of the most in-demand advanced digital marketing skills; therefore, we designed our SEO Certification course in Delhi with that in mind. After completing our SEO training programme, you will become an industry leader in digital marketing.

Improve Your Job Prospects with Our SEO Certification Training in Delhi

  • We designed our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) course to provide excellent practical and comprehensive instruction.
  • SEO (search engine optimisation) enhances your website to increase its visibility on popular search engines like Google and Bing.
  • You will learn all there is to know about search engine optimisation, from optimising a website to developing links and doing keyword research, and much more, all while working toward a credential.
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a very competitive and lucrative industry. Search engine optimisation (SEO) maximises the effectiveness of your advertising by incorporating data, analytics, content marketing, and human skill into HTML and technical site optimisation.
  • This SEO path delves into some of these crucial abilities and how they work together to form a practical marketing approach.
  • This is a more in-depth online certification course for SEO specialists, covering various techniques and resources for raising a website's position in search engine results.
  • The team here at DM Guru Training is here to assist you in getting the necessary credentials. Moreover, we issue completion certificates for every course we provide.
  • To kick off your professional life, check out this SEO course that guarantees a job offering up to $55,000 in salary in just 60 days!

About Qualified SEO Educators

  • With the help of our SEO, students can set their business objectives and use sample data to create visual reports, dashboards, and KPI scorecards using Power BI desktop.
  • Expert business professionals with a decade or more of experience working for multinational conglomerates are the backbone of DM Guru SEO Training's faculty.
  • Training supporters will work in a wide range of professions because all Instructors are experts in their fields.
  • Our trainers have been hired by various firms.
  • SEO Tutors may also use employee referral hiring to help prospective clients land jobs at their companies.
  • Our courses and contracts are well-organised, and our instructors are experts in their fields.
  • Our SEO Trainers, experts in conflict management and event planning, have done the legwork to bring you the most comprehensive SEO education available.


What if I have to miss two (or more) classes?

Don't stress out. Ensure that all attendees cover even the most fleeting lecture topics. In such cases, we will reschedule your classes so that they fit into your schedule better while still finishing the required number of weeks. If necessary, you can also attend to that topic with additional batches.

Can I get my hands on the textbooks and other resources online?

The study materials, videos, and top multinational corporation interview questions on the student portal have unlimited access.

Will I Receive Adequate Hands-On Experience With SEO?

Our SEO training materials are created to provide students with practical experience. The course consists of intensive practical sessions that reflect the current issues and needs of the industry and theoretical lessons that teach the fundamentals of each subject.

Dates Timings Days Duration Price
1 February 2023 - 28 February 2023 10AM - 12PM M-F
1 Months
1 February 2023 - 28 February 2023 12PM - 2PM M-F
1 Months
1 February 2023 - 28 February 2023 3PM - 5PM M-F
1 Months
Lecture 1.1 Introduction to SEO and benefits 0m
Lecture 1.2 Types of SEO 0m
Lecture 1.3 Techniques of SEO 0m
Lecture 1.4 Google Algorithms, Panda, Penguin 0m
Lecture 1.5 SEO Vs PPC 0m
Lecture 2.1 Type of keywords 0m
Lecture 2.2 Keywords Research and Analysis 0m
Lecture 2.3 Introduction to Automatic keywords and LSI 0m
Lecture 2.4 Creating Meta titles, Description, Tags 0m
Lecture 2.5 Optimization of Image and Tabs 0m
Lecture 2.6 URL correction, structure, and renaming 0m
Lecture 2.7 Content Optimization 0m
Lecture 2.8 HTML & XML Sitemaps 0m
Lecture 2.9 Robts.Txt 0m
Lecture 2.10 RSS Feeds 0m
Lecture 2.11 Integration of Star Ratings 0m
Lecture 3.1 Directory Submission 0m
Lecture 3.2 Social Bookmarking 0m
Lecture 3.3 Forums Posting & discussion 0m
Lecture 3.4 Business Listing & Classifieds 0m
Lecture 3.5 Article Submission 0m
Lecture 3.6 Web 2.0 or Blogging 0m
Lecture 3.7 Video Optimization 0m
Lecture 3.8 Press release Submission 0m
Lecture 3.9 Image / infographics Submission 0m
Lecture 3.10 Do-follow v/s no-follow link building 0m
Lecture 4.1 Local keywords research 0m
Lecture 4.2 Google Listing 0m
Lecture 4.3 Google Mapping 0m
Lecture 4.4 Creating Local or city wise pages and Optimization 0m
Lecture 5.1 Analysis of similar sites through paid and free tools 0m
Lecture 5.2 Knowledge of PA & DA Checker Tools 0m
Lecture 5.3 Creating backlinks and optimizing the website accordingly 0m
Lecture 6.1 Keyword Tools and planner 0m
Lecture 6.2 PA & DA Checker Tools 0m
Lecture 6.3 Google Webmaster 0m
Lecture 6.4 Google Analytics 0m
Lecture 6.5 Keywords position Checker 0m
Lecture 6.6 Keyword Density checker 0m
Lecture 6.7 Plagiarism Checker 0m
Lecture 7.1 100 & Practical classroom training 0m
Lecture 7.2 Live projects 0m
Lecture 7.3 Job assistance 0m
Lecture 7.4 Knowledge of paid tools and techniques 0m
Lecture 7.5 Certification Programme 0m
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best digital marketing learning center in Delhi ncr
Varsh Purwar

Best career opportunities after learn Digital Marketing .DM Guru is unquestionably a top-notch institution for Digital Marketing training institute. The experts here assist you in understanding the issues in a variety of ways.

digital marketing institute with live project in Delhi ncr
Sarthak Kumar

Live Project Training with DM Guru.The DM Guru is the most outstanding Digital Marketing Training Institute in the country. The experts here provided me with a complete and thorough practical understanding of every module.

digital marketing education with live project in Delhi
Sumedha Das

Many Thanks to DM Guru - A great Institute for learn Digital Marketing.Following completing the training course, I am currently earning a part-time income from home. A digital marketing institute is the most excellent option for homemakers who want to make money online. Thank you very much, DM Guru for your excellent training.