Is the Horizontal Website is Good For SEO?

Horizontal Website Layout For SEO?

SEO or search engine optimization refers to the process of increasing the amount and quality of traffic that is received by a website or web page. This is done by increasing the visibility of the page and improving its features to attract more users. It is the improvement made by unpaid results and does not include the results of any direct traffic as well as paid placement.

Several features affect the traffic received on a website and a few of them include accessibility, speed, Mobile-Friendliness, technical SEO, links, Domain age and URL as along with the layout of the page.

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Is a Horizontal Website a good option?

Reiterating on what has been mentioned above, research proves that a clean and easy to navigate layout is ideal when it comes to the engagement of users. Information, as well as answers, must be easy to find and the content must be valuable. This is where the layout of the page comes into the picture. If a large image pushes down your content to the bottom of your page or requires a comparatively larger degree of horizontal or vertical scrolling, your layout design is not at all SEO compatible and must be rethought.

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So, when the question comes into the picture Is Horizontal Website Good For SEO, it is important to acknowledge that any layout can work for your webpage and help increase web traffic as long as it is being used to its best and highest optimization. Horizontal websites use horizontal scrolling, which requires the users to move side-to-side to explore the website rather than vertically. Several factors must be kept in mind as functional navigation is an important factor. Certain elements must be kept in mind to Optimize your SEO.

Advantages of a Horizontal Website

There are several ways to ensure that a horizontal website is good for SEO. The benefits of a Horizontal Website include:

  • It is easy to navigate. The horizontal navigation doesn’t cause any stress or irritation to the user and can provide the necessary information at a glance.
  • It allows display of several large pictures if required, without eliminating the space required for content.
  • It ensures that the locating of information is easier as users do not have to scroll top to bottom in haste and can peacefully scroll left to the right while ensuring they do not miss anything important.
  • It is the best option when it comes to the display of brochures of packages, products or services as different categories can easily be skimmed through at once.

To ensure that a horizontal website is the best option to increase the SEO, ensure that the website or webpage has been properly curated. Your horizontal layout must be able to catch the user’s attention and get them to look around your website but should also be able to provide the necessary content at the right place. They must not be made to scroll around effortlessly in search of needed answers and information. The horizontal design can be used as a tool for success if used properly.

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