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social media interview questions for freshers

Social media marketing has become the trend of today because of its significant role in Driving Traffic. It includes creative writing, videos with content, infographics, gifs, scheduling campaigns, etc. It sets a huge platform to build and grow a business. As such, companies are looking forward to hiring Social Media experts, who can efficiently manage social media campaigns for their brand.

If you are looking forward to joining this interesting job field and have completed with all essential learnings, this article is for you. A little nervousness is obvious. But, to avoid it to override your self-confidence, be prepared with the common social media marketing interview questions.

Before appearing for your social media interview, go through this question catalog: -

social media interview questions for students

Q1. How is Social Media important?

Ans. Social Media is highly popular and customizable in nature. Having the option to run social media ads makes it significant for every small-large business. Moreover, you have the option of setting your target audience by industry, interests, level of education, location, past purchases, and the pages they have liked, or the groups joined.

Q2. What are Social Media Mistakes?

Ans. Not being consistent with your posts is the biggest social media mistake. Moreover, replying late to your customers, not involving in discussions and just being focused on promotion and not complains and queries of users.

Q3. What do you understand by Facebook Edgerank?

Ans. Facebook Edgerank is the algorithm for newsfeed. Facebook determines which posts to put up, not to put up and their position in the newsfeed of your page and your follower’s page. It is determined by the following measures: -

  • The interaction between you and your followers
  • What content engages the user
  • Time of the post

Q4. Have you heard of the Do-no-delete rule of social media?

Ans. This rule says that you cannot delete a comment on your page except for those containing violate content or personal details of a person.

Q5. How can you track your social media performance?

Ans. It is important to keep check of your performance on social media to know the areas that need improvements. Social media performance can be tracked using:

  • Google Analytics
  • Monitoring Page Views and the time spent on different pages.
  • Analyze your mentions and that of your competitor on social media outlets
  • Social CRM tool to track engagement
  • Track overall social media returns by adding up positive, negative and neutral mentions.

Q6. Can you use the same content on different Social Media channels?

Ans. No, because every channel has a different context and you need to create content according to it.

Q7. What are KPIs?

Ans. KPI stands for Key Performance Indicators. It is used to determine the reach and engagement of a company on social platforms. Some KPIs are Video/SlideShare views, social connections, mentions, traffic data, likes, comments, shares, demographics and location, the number of active followers, and many more.

Q8. How can you increase post reachability on Instagram?

Ans. To widen your post reach, you can use hashtags. A mix of popular & trending hashtags combined with general hashtags can increase discoverability of your post. Using 4-5 hashtags in one post is good.

Q9. What will be your action to negative comments?

Ans. It is sensible to answer the person politely and understand the reason behind his post. And, one should never delete a negative comment from a customer on your post.

Q10. How can you measure social ROI?

Ans. Return on investment can be measured in various ways: -

SMO Job Interview
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Reach of your post
  • Traffic data
  • Lead generation from campaigns
  • Revenue generated
  • Number of clicks obtained
  • Engagement of customers in contests

Q11. What is the best way to Twitter marketing?

Ans. The best ways to use Twitter for marketing are:

  • Use minimum hashtags (2-3 in general)
  • Short, crisp and direct tweets.
  • You can use TweetDeck or Buffer to schedule your tweets in advance
  • Track analytics on Twitter.
  • Using Twitter advanced search to strategize marketing plans.

Q12. How social media adds value to SEO?

Ans. Social media significantly affects website ranking, visibility and can drive more traffic to your site. Using social media for marketing tends to drive more traffic and increase customer engagement with the brand. It also helps in building up a brand reputation.

Q13. How can you increase your reach on Facebook?

Ans. Facebook reach can be increased using: -

  • Facebook EdgeRank as it determines the visibility of your post.
  • Not using third-party tools for scheduling posts on social media
  • Increase your likes using like-gating in which likes are given in exchange for access to content
  • You can buy some ads
  • Interact with your customers by building your own e-mail list and website.

Q14. Can you name some Social Media tools?

Ans. HootSuite, TweetDeck and SproutSocial are some tools to manage social media activities.

Q15. How can you promote your content on social media?

Ans. Co-Schedule can be used to promote content on the social media site in the following ways: -

  • Traffic can be doubled using Social Sharing Schedule
  • Scheduling blog posts with different titles
  • The post scheduling is different for different social sites, for example, you can promote a post only once on Facebook in one day and many times on Twitter.
  • Using co-schedule, you can create social messages at the time you create the post.

Q16. Is outreach important for Social Media Marketing?

Ans. Outreach can significantly affect a business. Guest blogging is one of the most popular and widely discussed methods of outreach. Similarly, social media is equally powerful. You can connect with influencers in your industry via social media. You can communicate with them and help them to promote their content to build relationships. This will set a base to reach out for a guest blogging opportunity and you can boost you’ll have a chance of success. This will also attract your audience.

Q17. How long will social media marketing take to show results?

Ans. Social media trends keep evolving and the time to see desired results will depend on several factors, such as budget, social media marketing strategy, your target audience, use of paid or unpaid ads and the time and efforts you put in social media.

Q18. Is Google+ Worth For Using In A Business?

Ans. Google+ offers a tool called ‘Hangouts’ which facilitates video conversation between a business and its followers at no cost. High-quality content on Google+ is instantly indexed, making it easy to obtain good rankings for their website.

So, with +1s on Google+ a company can have more chances to obtain high ranks on Google. Moreover, integrating Google+ page with platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and the company’s website can be useful.

Q19. Have you heard of RSS feed?

Ans. RSS means Rich Site Summary. It is an XML file. RSS feed push content to the company’s website and give access to readers to subscribe to the feed. It is beneficial as it helps to get wider readers for the content and enables the company to subscribe emails, feeding content to readers, and live bookmarks.

Q20. What is the use of hashtags (#)?

Ans. Hashtags are used to make a word or text a keyword on social media platforms. It is used on Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+

These were the technical questions that the interviewer may ask you an interview for SMO profile. But, before hiring a candidate, the interviewer wants to be assured of the candidature. And, there’s a great probability that you might be asked some of these common questions that we are going to list. The best part is, you just have to be honest and show your enthusiasm towards working in social media marketing profile.

Some Conventional SMO Interview Questions

Q1) Why did you choose Social Media industry as a career?

Q2) Do you have any experience of running social media campaigns?

Q3) How you will handle a social media crisis?

Q4) How would you engage more audience with a low budget?

Q5) What is the difference between Instagram and Facebook?

Familiarity with all these Social Media interview questions will help you through the interview. A well prepared you reflects a confident you! All the best and yes, don’t forget to dress up well 😉

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