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What is Directory Submission

Do you know Directory Submission?

Directory submission forms an essential part of off-page SEO. The idea is to classify information on the internet, similar to a phone directory. This is done by putting URLs into a different category based on the business niche. This has become an essential strategy of marketers to ameliorate link reputation of a website.

The procedure of directory submission involves a listing of your website in online directories on the world wide web. This is done by putting URLs into a relevant category. This helps in obtaining one-way inbound links from high ranking websites. High-quality incoming links amplify the visibility of the website on the internet and drive more traffic from Google search engine to your website. This ultimately boosts the rank of the website.

In simple words;

“Directory Submission is the process of adding your website to an online directory.”

Submitting a link to business directories involve calculation of PA (Page Authority) and DA (Domain Authority) of that site. The reason behind this is to make sure that the directories are of high quality. This will reduce the spamming and enhance the ranking of your site on search engine result page.

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Types of Directory Submission

In general. There are three types of directory submission. These are: -

  1. Basic
  2. Normal
  3. Multiple

Basic Directory Submission. This is an efficient method to target individual keywords. In this directory submission type, a single URL, single description and several titles are submitted in different online directories.

Normal Directory Submission. It is a successful method to obtain natural backlinks. It allows you to use a number of descriptions with a single URL and multiple titles.

Multiple URL Directory Submission. If you want to spread backlinks for your site to multiple pages, this is a suitable way of directory submission to choose. In this type of directory submission, you can use up to 10 URLs for the same web site along with a number of descriptions and titles.

The process of Directory Submission
The process of directory submission can be overviewed as a 4-step cycle: -

  1. Select a submission directory
  2. Check it for SEO friendliness.
  3. Provide your site details
  4. Confirm your submission via email
procedure of directory submission

Before, going in detail about Directory Submission for SEO, let’s look at the pre-requisite of the link building procedure: -

A step-by-step guide to do Directory Submission for SEO

Directory submission is not a process too tough. You can efficiently increase the visibility of your site by submitting your site URLs in directories in the following manner: -

Step1: Pre-submission Task

directory submission in off page seo

Before you proceed to submit your site URL, you need to create a notepad file and save some essential data to ease out the submission procedure. This includes;

  • URL of your blog post
  • RSS feed URL of your blog
  • All social profile links
  • A brief excerpt of your website

Directory Submission List

Step2: Make a huge list of blog directories. We list here some of them, for you;

Why Directory Submission?

benefits of directory submission

Directory submission is an effective process to attain quality backlinks and enhance the visibility of your website. Some primary benefits of the practice are as follows: -

  • Increases the number of backlinks to a website.
  • The hyperlinks to a website use Anchor text that raise link reputation & site popularity.
  • Facilitates permanent listing of your site on another website.
  • Supports search engine indexing.
  • Categorization based on niche helps in obtaining significant backlinks.

Besides this, directory submission also poses the following benefits;
Quality Backlinks

best directory submision site

Directory submission sites are free of spam as a major part of blog directories are handled manually for incorrect submissions. Thus, it offers a safe platform for link building. A few blog directories also offer do follow backlinks.

Enhance Visibility

The more the audience see your site, increased are the chances of traffic to your website. Directory submission will give more exposure to your site and will increase its audience. Blog directories, in particular, display your website for all possible related search queries.

Review Requests

directory submission pending approval

Some business directories are very popular and active, giving you more chances of quality backlinks for your blogs. Thus, increasing the popularity of the site and obtaining a request for paid review postings. And, as being a member of these online directories, your site becomes visible to the linked brands. Thereby, drawing in business opportunities for your business.

The rise in Overall Profit

As blog submission helps in receiving review requests, it also brings up the visibility of your blog. This increases audience reach and earnings.

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Factors to be considered while making directory submission

Directory submission is an easy process, however, while practicing directory submission for your site you need to consider a few factors. This will ensure you high quality and safe backlinks.
Factors to be considered: -

  • Calculate page authority and domain authority
  • Check for Google penalties
  • Analyze the history of directory site using the way back machine
  • Directory submission gives a good page rank. However, it is important that the inbound links you get are from high ranking websites. For this, a page rank 4 website serves better than a rank 1 website.
  • For a high-quality link, relevancy is an important factor. Thus, make sure that the inbound links are obtained from relevant websites and correct category choice.
  • Use anchor text within the tag of your incoming links.
  • Formulate a long-term plan and try to make at least 100-200 directory submissions every month. This will also depend on the competition in your niche.
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