SEO For Social Media

SEO For Social Media

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Do You Know, Social Media can bring 10 times impact on Your visibility through SEO? Not only website is meant for SEO, Social Media Sites do deliver valuable information if they are promoted well. So here we will study and explore every popular Search Engines in SEO Point of View.

What is SEO?

SEO Or Search Engine Optimization, One of the major sources to bring your website on the First Page, to improve the visibility, to increase the web traffic and lots more. In Short, It is a practice to optimize the content according to search engine algorithms to get it discovered on Search Engine, using specific & relevant key terms.

How SEO Effects on GOOGLE?

If you want to analyze, how ranking gets affected on Google, You will have to check how Google Looks cares for Website Content User's key terms. If we go through the History and heck for the Traffic on Google, You will the US on the Top. Yes, the US is the only country from where 65% of searches are done on Google.

How Google Impacts the Ranking- Nobody has the perfect answer to how Google decides the position on the results page. Here I am highlighting some of the important factors which affect the ranking on Google which are:-

  • Link Building
  • Unique Content
  • Correct Business Info
  • User Experience
  • Social Presence
  • Responsiveness
  • keywords Research
  • Domain Authority

Out of the eight points given above, Link Building, Contents, User Experience Social Presence matter a Lot for better positioning on the results page.


One of the crucial factors which talk about 3 types of links:-

  • Inbound Links or Backlinks:- Links pointing to your site from other sites through which Google figure out the relevancy and authority of your site.
  • Outbound Links:- Links pointing to another website
  • Internal Links:- Link to one page from another page within your website.

Out of the three, Inbound Links play an important role as it derives traffic from other websites if done carefully & correctly. Example of Inbound Links is given below:-

Example of Inbound Links


Second Important Factor affecting the position on the results page. Points to be considered while getting the content written on the website:-

  • Relevancy
  • Quality
  • Length (minimum 2000 words)
  • Optimized with Right Key searches


To evaluate the User experience, one must consider the following points:-

  • Click-Through Rate:- It is the percentage of Clicks as compare to Impression on a particular website
  • Bounce Rate: It is defined as the term when people quickly get off the landing or internal pages.
  • Page Time:- It defines how long a user stays on the web page. Longer the page time, better will be the results.

In Short, CTR should be better, Bounce rate should be less Page time should be higher.


As we are Learning the SEO for Social Media, so this point plays a significant role. Social media provides a direct & Indirect value. It gains indirect value, when people more likely to share your content by own, by giving more links back. When it comes to the direct value, One can see the Social media Site link by writing any search term.

For example, Screenshot is attached.

SEO Tech Experts Social Media

If you Google any name, Be it Company name or any Personal Name, You will find the Social Link on the Top i.e. LinkedIn and after that, Facebook. It is Google Only, which decided to rank the Social Media sites on the first page due to the high authority & trust factor. To Create & establish Brand on Social Media, to become more searchable, discoverable, drive traffic on Website, and to be on Google.

Even the other Factors such as Correct Business Information, Responsiveness, Relevant Keywords, and Website Domain Authority are equally Important:-


Whenever you write your name or company name, the contact pieces of information should be accurate and should not be misleading. Mentioning different locations and addresses may confuse the users. For example, SEO tech Experts have the same address on the website which is mentioned on Google My business listing.


It refers to the device responsiveness which means your website should be quick, easy, and responsive on each every device be it mobile, tablet, computer, laptop, etc.


SEO Depends on the relevant Keywords and optimizing the Website with relevant keywords only. Company Looking to hire an SEO Company in Gurgaon will typically search for “SEO Agency in Gurgaon” or “Best SEO Company in Gurgaon” etc. So one should implement and promote related keywords only.


The older the website, the Quality the content and better the link building is, Domain Authority will be better. It is not the prime factor by Google to consider it for ranking.

How SEO Effects on BING?

After Google, Bing is the most used Search Engine Worldwide. It has 12 billion monthly search Volume, 1.3 billion global users, and 500 million monthly searches in the US as per the statistics available in 2018. Like Google, Bing also has its guidelines to rank the website and legitimate the SEO efforts

like Google, Even the Bing Webmaster has highlighted some of the important ranking factors such as Content, Links, Social Presence, Indexing, etc. Some of the Top Ranking Factors on Bing are:-

  • Quality Content
  • High DA Backlinks
  • Relevant Keywords
  • Meta Tags
  • Sitemap & Structure
  • Canonical Tags
  • Social Signals
  • Head/ Body Copy
Bing Webmasters Guidelines


Likewise, Google considers unique and Quality Content, Bing does crawl the website which is having clear, & easy to read the content. The higher the quality of the content is, the higher will be the ranking.


Better Links pointing to your website inform the Bing to crawl new pages of your website. So while creating a backlink or deep-link, do consider the website Popularity & trusted Content. If both parameters are followed, chances of organic ranking grow.


keywords in URL

Using Relevant, targeted, and relative keywords in the website URL, Content, Body txt, Anchor Txt is a Good strategy rewarded by Bing.

Structure Snippet

The above example targeted the keyword “ Top 10 Gynaecologists in Gurgaon” which is mentioned in the URL. The relevant keyword is in the article title and if you will search on Bing, you will find it on the First page.


Bing do consider social value & social Engagement. Bing notices the likes, shares, tweets, retweets as positive signals & rank the website organically in the Long run. Likewise Google, Bing searches have direct value and Indirect value on Social Media.

Direct Value revolves around being active on social media to establish Business or personal Social Media Accounts where your organic audience can come from. One needs to remain active on social media accounts to gain followers & connections.

Indirect Value comes from automatic sharing, liking & engagement on the posts which need to be consistent & predictable. To add on indirect values, Social sharing widgets can be given on all pages to inclined new audiences on contents.

So do consider all the 8 points given above while promoting on Bing.

What is the B2B Social Channels for Social Media SEO?

Out of various social Media Channels, Even platform has its values & advantages. But if we talk about the B2B Social Channels, highly recommended Platforms are Twitter, Youtube & LinkedIn.


Twitter is a microblogging platform and social networking site where people can post and message each other which is called Tweet. It is an American platform where a post is restricted to 280 characters only. If your tweets are relevant to your keywords, chances of getting your twitter page & website on the first position are on the higher side. Twitter will add on to B2B space as you will see your twitter page on the first page when an individual searches through the Company name.

Some Facts you Should know about Twitter:-

  • 330 Million monthly active users
  • 145 million monetizable daily active users
  • 500 million tweets sent daily
  • 63% of all users are 35-65 age group
  • 34% are female and rest are males
  • 67% of B2B businesses use Twitter
  • 46% of internet users use Twitter
  • 80% of visits are through Mobile device


Youtube, One of the prominent and most-watched Video Channel, which is popular nowadays for Product & Brand Promotion. Yes, Youtube is the most trusted source of Online promotion in the form of Videos which is bought by Google in 2016 which means Google emphasizes, crawls, and ranks the relevant videos, if optimized correctly.

Some Facts you Should know about Youtube:-

  • 2nd most popular social media platform
  • 2 billion monthly active users
  • 1 billion hours watched daily
  • 79% of internet users have a youtube account
  • 62% of businesses use Youtube
  • 80 different language content available
  • 90% of users discover new brands on Youtube
  • 55% of US-based users


If we talk about the largest professional social platform, LinkedIn has gained that potential since its inception. It is a better platform to display resume, get jobs, enhance professional contacts, gain business networks, showcase company profile, improve personal branding, and much more. By creating Company Profile, You can showcase products, services, updates, news, etc. Even personal profiles can be optimized with the right words, professional tag lines, certifications, activities, etc. Search Company name or personal Name, you will find Linkedin on the First page ever.

Some Facts you Should know about LinkedIn:-

  • 675 million active users
  • 310 million monthly active users
  • 2 new user Per Second
  • 57% of male users and 43% female users
  • 51% of US College Graduates
  • 92% B2B Marketing done through LinkedIn
  • 41% of millionaires use LinkedIn

What is the B2C Social Channels for Social Media SEO?

B2C or Business to Customers relies on three social Platforms which are Facebook, Instagram & Youtube. B2C audience tends to be quick decision-makers and transactional. Users tend to be more active on Facebook, Instagram & Youtube.


Be it personal Branding or Company Branding, Facebook is the one & only easily accessible social platform to boost the SEO Traffic as well. Consistent post with Attractive graphics, Trendy Content, and Informative Videos gain maximum response in terms of like, share & Messaging. Common Age demographics (25 to 34years), is more active on Facebook which can be the factor for successful business marketing efforts on Social Media.

Some Facts you Should know about Facebook:-

  • 2.4 Billion Monthly active users
  • 1.6 billion daily active users
  • 300 million active users on a Facebook story
  • 97% ad Revenue comes from Mobile
  • 1.4 billion of users are active on Facebook Groups
  • 80 Million Small Businesses are using FB for promotion
  • 7 out of 10 US users are active
  • 86% of US Marketers use Facebook


One of the famous photo-sharing apps is now used for branding, influencing & advertising purposes. While using Instagram, Use the Reels as the latest feature, and optimize the post with relevant hashtags.

Some Facts you Should know about Instagram:-

  • 1 Billion Monthly active users
  • 500 Million daily active users
  • 52% female and 48% of Males
  • 89% of users are outside the U.S
  • 63% of Instagram users log in at least once per day
  • 75% US Business active on Instagram


Like B2b Channel gains huge profits through Youtube, B2C can get huge potential. We have studied the statistics related to YouTube already. Through YouTube, one can promote the testimonials, can showcase the product features & Can share much information. People can pay attention while traveling and doing unproductive activities.

While promoting on Social Media for B2B and B2C Business, one needs to be consistent, planned & specific. D not stuck on the same strategy, keep reading & researching, implement new things, follow the trends, no miracle happens overnight.

How to Optimise Social Media Accounts & Profile?

This is the First & Important Step while presenting yourself & company on various Social media Sites. Take time, make a research on the keywords you want to target, Choose attractive profile image, and Complete About section with correct information. Do not underestimate the social Profile Accounts, design them beautifully. Users will direct to social accounts as they direct to websites or landing pages when they search for a specific term. So how to make Your Social Account or profile active:-

  • Complete your account with 100% relevant Information. Completing the social profile will rank your profile higher to those who don’t.
  • Choose the Display name with correct First & last name
  • Optimize the URL with Brand Name only (follow first & last name Parameter. if the name is taken, the reverse name can be used)
  • Keep the same Branding pattern on every social platform so that Recognition can be easy. Try to maintain consistency while posting.
  • Optimize every social platform with relevant keywords by filling the specific fields. for example, Twitter has some sections, Instagram have 5 sections and linked has 30+ section with Mandatory & optional fields. The most important sections are Bio, Headline, & description. SEO crawlers crawl from top to bottom & left to right so try to embed the relevant keywords on social platforms.
  • Visual consistency equally matters by using the brand image and logo on every image. While creating graphics, try to follow a similar format, although it should not be Monotonous and boring.
  • If we talk about the profile image and banner image, not similar but identical background should be used.
  • While Using Images, profile photo, and Banner, make sure to have visibility on Mobile and Desktop both.
  • Link back your social media platform so that they could be connected. Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter links can be given on Facebook.
  • While creating posts, you may use the shortened URL to keep the word countless.

Follow the Competitor, focus on Brands, Plan Strategically, Do not rush, and work on all social media Platforms patiently with perfect graphics and quality content.

How to Create & Share Optimize Social Content?

Creating & Sharing the Social Media Content is not like breaking the stone, it is simple and we do generally. But the only difference lies in 3 values- Good, Better & Best. Yes, it is defined as:-

  • if there is no difficulty level in any task, the reward will be Good.
  • If the difficulty level is a little higher, the reward will better and
  • if the difficulty level is higher and risky, the reward will be best

Likewise, Our Social Media Platform can bring you Good, better & best results depending upon the efforts you make.

  • Sharing relevant information & content can yield Good results.
  • Sharing Relevant content, valuable information in an SEO-friendly manner may bring better results
  • Sharing Relevant content, Valuable information in an SEO-friendly manner consistently may bring Best results

The reward is decided based on the level of difficulty, hard work, and efforts. Sharing the small video, post through mobile can be easy, but sharing it professionally may work far better.

So while creating the Post Content, Do consider the Two factors:-

  • Identify the Brand & Goals
  • Choose at least 5 keywords after reading the blog, article or website

Now the next step is to choose the Social media Platforms, where you would like to target Your key phrases. These Social Media Channels can be Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn & Youtube (for Video). Make sure to use the different content for different platforms as every platform has its different strategy of verbiage, mentions, hashtags & graphics. So follow the simple steps:-

  • Read the article Carefully
  • Choose the keywords which are to be promoted (keywords can be found thru SEMrush, Google Console and Moz)
  • Choose the right Social media Platforms
  • Design the Graphics accordingly
  • Write the Post bearing at least 2-3 focus keywords. Each Post must be optimized according to the Social Platform. Try to cover the Post within the first 140 characters so it is visible to the audience at a glance only.
  • Remaining keywords can be used in mentions & hashtags
  • A clear call to action should be mentioned

Note: Consistency is a matter, although there is not a clear formula for date & timing.

How To Increase the Tech of Social media Posts?

Creating and sharing the post has no value if we are not able to get a Good amount of Reach. Again there is not a pre-decided formula to enhance the reach as it varies business to business and tactics to tactics. We usually have questions in our minds like: What should I post- Image or video? when should it be posted? How long should be videos? Past studies can reveal a lot for future tactics planning. So here are some tips to increase 10 times engagement:-

  • Craft an engagement strategy that covers all the social media activities on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
  • Keep Consistency

For example, here we are talking about LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.

LinkedIn: While working on LinkedIn, make a chart for daily, weekly, monthly activities.

  • Daily connect with 5 linked Users, relevant to our industry, and like at least 3 posts to show your engagement.
  • Share at least one post weekly and leave 4 comments.
  • Write at least one article on LinkedIn showcasing your products or services or Brand.

Instagram: While working on Instagram on daily, weekly & monthly timelines, you may follow some parameters which may benefit to enhance the reach on Insta Posts.

  • Leave 3 relevant comments or replies, share 2 stories, and one post. here relevancy means which drives attendant of the audience. Try to use a mix of a single image, multiple images, reels, GIF, Boomerang, etc. Never be scary while trying and adapting new techniques.
  • Follow at least 20 new users weekly
  • Create one IGTV Video or Instagram video.


  • Follow 10 relevant users, share one tweet and retweet somebody's else tweet
  • Reply to 5 new tweets weekly to new users or relevant industry
  • Add 20 Twitter users to Public Twitter List created by you. Creating a Twitter abaci list will allow you to share the things or tweets on the timeline and can be visible to the people who subscribed that list.

"Quality is more important than quantity. "One home run is much better than two doubles.” Steve Jobs.

Create a spreadsheet of the social activities based on the results you find while following the daily, weekly, and monthly posts. Following a calendar will be strategic planning and will enhance the engagement. Follow a calendar comprising different posts each day containing information, brand, awareness, festivals, etc. You may take the help of some social media tools to share and schedule the posts. Analyze your social media and the shape it is taking day by day. Just posing will keep you in a circle only, will not bring you anywhere. So create your strategy, plan well, use quality content, and attractive graphics.

How To Find & Engage with Target Users on Social Media?

When it comes to finding new users, we must be strategic at that time. To identify and target the industry users, do a search for relevant content in a user’s social profile. If we target Twitter, we may use the relevant keywords by using hashtags and may use Advanced search. Scroll Down the posts came through relevant keywords and follow the one which has much engagement. Even on LinkedIn, You have a better option to filter the search by location, job title, keywords, and much more. So this way, you may target the high engaged posts and pick up the right strategy.

Strategically surround your target users so that you are familiar, and no more stranger for them. This way, users will understand your brands & products. While promoting on Social Media, you should follow the given Do Nots:-

  • Do not Pitch Your products or services on the first few initial interactions with users
  • Do not play questions with users in public or private messaging as it may annoy them
  • Do not send spammy & personal pings

The first rule is to be Social, Not to do Social. Social Media is an optimum platform to connect the right people and to build trust. Do not use Social Media for promotion only, Utilize is to build relationships as well. Doing SEO of Social Media Is not a cup of tea for everyone, follow some professional rules, stuck to those, do an experiment for Good and be consistent.

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